How to Love Yourself?

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How to Love Yourself?

Improve your inner voice by thinking positively and avoiding perfectionism. Don’t call yourself names or assume the worst. Exercise self-love by listing your positive attributes and reflecting on them daily. Consider visiting a therapist. Repeat positive affirmations daily and do things you enjoy. Lastly, consider practicing loving-kindness meditation.
Overcome negative beliefs about yourself. Many people have trouble letting go of negative thoughts that they have about themselves. These negative thoughts often come from outside people whose opinion we value and from whom we seek love and acceptance.
Avoid perfectionism. Some people have trouble accepting anything less than perfection from themselves. If you find yourself pursuing perfectionism and feeling negatively about yourself when you are less than perfect, take three simple steps. Stop your current line of thinking, then focus on the effort that will be required to work towards a goal, then steadily apply the required effort.

Discard your negative filter. Focusing only on the negatives in your life is a bad habit. Excessive focus on negative or less favorable events in your life can make these events seem disproportionately important. If you find yourself complaining that everything that happens to you is bad, try to find a little evidence to the contrary it is very unlikely that everything is really bad.
Never call yourself names. Calling yourself a name is reducing yourself from a human to a single element of yourself that you do not like.
Do not assume the worst can happen. It can be easy to fall into the assumption that the very worst outcome will happen with every situation. However, changing your inner thoughts to be realistic or truthful can help you avoid the generalization or exaggeration that accompanies assuming the worst.
Rewrite your internal script. When you realize that you are thinking negatively for yourself, acknowledge the feeling, identify the source of the feeling, and then consciously make a new statement re-writing your thought as a more positive one.

List your positive attributes and reflect on them daily. This can be difficult for someone who habitually thinks negatively of themselves, but try to find one positive thing about yourself to add to the list once a week. At the end of each day, reflect on your entire list.
Give yourself the gift of time. Do not feel guilty for spending time thinking about and reflecting on yourself and your own life. It is important to give yourself the time and permission for self-love. You will likely find that by doing so, you are more able to spend quality time helping others.
Celebrate and reward yourself. This is the fun part of self-love: rewarding yourself! If you have had a significant accomplishment, celebrate it with a nice dinner at your favorite fancy restaurant. Think of all of the hard work you do every day, and find a reason to reward yourself with something nice. Buy yourself the new book or video game you’ve had your eye on. Take a long shower or bubble bath. Go on a solo fishing trip or get a massage.
Develop a plan for dealing with setbacks or negativity. Notice what tends to throw you off from your current path of self-love, and decide how to deal with those things. Realize that you cannot control the words and actions of others, but you can control your responses and reactions.


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