How to Inhibit Stupid Thoughts

Dr.Pillai: Stupid Thoughts Inhibitors – this is the term with which I have been playing for about I would say 20, 25 years, but I have not done much with it. Since that I have not, I developed a software which is my ultimate goal, but this is the time I am going to do something about it now that AI also has phenomenally developed that it can do that.
One thing that everyone, regardless whether you are an Einstein or whether you are a Joe Blow, everyone has to deal with his or her stupid thoughts. This is so unfortunate because every human being is thinking thoughts that are not needed.
How many thoughts are they thinking that is needed? Most of the thoughts. Because you have 30-50 thoughts depending upon who you are per minute. Do we need them? No. We need maybe a few thoughts, 5 thoughts, and this is what the Yogis were trying to get at.
They would get into even thoughtless state and come back. Whenever they want to have a thought, they would think a thought and manifest this thought. This is the best way of living life, and this is the contribution of Yoga and Vedas to the entire world, but nobody has exploited this concept, either in India or in the West.
We have to stop these stupid thoughts; it is very difficult to be thoughtless. Even that is not a desirable state because that will lead to coma, divine coma, although you may call it “Samadhi.”
You have to be careful about what you are learning. Patanjali will give a definition of Samadhi as “Svarupa Sunyam,”
Arthamatra Nirbhasam
Svarupa Sunyam Iva Samadhi
That means you have to really attain “Svarupa Sunyam” which is emptiness, but at least he had a component of manifesting, it’s “Arthamatra” – just at least hold one thing in the mind. But still it’s not really a great condition to be in.
But what is the great condition?
You have another definition of Samadhi in Siva Sutra. It says
Lokanandaha Samadhi Sukam.
It is “Lokanandaha”, not “Atmanandaha.”
So, these are some of the things that I wanted to share with you that I am working on the stupid thoughts. Until I create that, stupid thoughts inhibitors, that will completely revolutionize human thinking, human consciousness.
I know all the components, how that can be achieved, but I don’t know enough about AI or computer. I would be needing that help at that time, but I have no doubt that at the right time it will come to me, the team will come.
But in the meantime I just wanted to recommend that you stay with the meditations that I have given, and I am going to give you more and more meditations hereafter instead of blah blahing, lecturing. I hate lecturing.
Anyway, there are 2 or 3 meditations, one is Patanjali’s “Chitta Vritti Nirodha” which I have put some time ago, and that has been reposted for Facebook people. So, just go and watch that. It is called Patanjali’s techniques to stop the mind, that’s also on Facebook now, and also the Arul meditation which is Swami Ramalingam’s fantastic meditation and a few other meditations are also there. For you, just go and listen to them, practice them, that’s the most important thing.
Your success just forgets about whatever I have said up until now, maybe I have wasted 3 minutes. Just listen to this:
1. Your success is directly dependent on what you think.
2. Your success is dependent on how you spend your time.
3. Entertainment is a distraction (You need a distraction, but minimally).
4. Don’t occupy your mind just sitting in front of the monitor watching garbage, or the television watching garbage, and that is a criminal waste of time. You have to teach that to yourself and also your children.
That’s all for now. For this morning I thought that I should do something for the world that should be free and then I have done my job.
God Bless.

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