How to Improve Your Memory – Subliminal Visualization Video & Manifestation Movie

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Use this video to help you study, improve memory and retention, and increase your capacity to absorb knowledge. Uses spoken subliminal commands that are embedded into the soundtrack, barely perceivable by the conscious mind, but able to go directly to your subconscious. Some of the SPOKEN subliminal commands include:

you are extremely intelligent and well-read in your field
you are exceptionally intelligent
you are continuously improving your mind
you are constantly improving your understanding of things
you are brilliant!
you are becoming more and more knowledgeable every day
you are becoming an expert
you are as knowledgeable as anyone in your field
you are an enthusiastic student of life.
you are always open to wisdom and learning.
you are always open for improvement.
you are always keen to learn new things
you are always keen to expand your mind
you are a quick study
you are a permanent student of life
you are a master at what you do
you are a genius at what you do.
you are a genius
you are the master of your memory
you are extremely grateful for your brilliant memory
you are able to remember all knowledge stored in your subconscious mind
…and hundreds more


25 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Memory – Subliminal Visualization Video & Manifestation Movie

  1. I'm listening to this while studying, will this help me memorize what I am studying, or is studying and listening to subliminal messages at the same time too much for the brain?

  2. What will happen if I listen to four different Subliminals in a row? (One is about Fearless, High Self Esteem, Overcoming Obstacles, and Memory, all on this channel)

  3. These videos kinda make me scared a little of being brainwashed. There could easily be a little sequence hidden that could make me do sth someone else programmed me to do…

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