How to Conquer Your Mind and Embrace The Suck | David Goggins | Goalcast

Embrace The Suck speech: Navy SEAL veteran David Goggins shares how he overcame so many debilitating obstacles to later achieve incredible military and personal honors, and the mentality that kept him going and made him push beyond his limits.

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48 thoughts on “How to Conquer Your Mind and Embrace The Suck | David Goggins | Goalcast

  1. I love hate when some videos bleep out the F-bombs. I need to hear that shit. I need to hear the impact and intensity and emphasis he's implying in his tone and exact words.

  2. If your a racist, YOUR wrong! You were not raised right. Only one race and its called Human. So have respect and keep humanity towards others alive

  3. It’s 0003 on a Thursday, 3 minutes into the new day, I challenged myself on June 1st to do 400 push ups every day for the month of June, I didn’t do my 400 for Wednesday, I’m tired and sleepy and ready to go to bed, decided to watch this video and now energized to do my 400 push ups for Wednesday, later today will do Thursdays 400 push ups, Thanks David for your inspirational words, I needed this👍👍

  4. Me and him both grew up in difficult childhood. The only difference is that he takes accountability of what he's done, not the others but I blame everything on the others but myself. I need to change.

  5. Question he been to hell week 3 times and past it twice, why did he have to go do it again after he pasted it once. I understand medical issues happen, but if he made it to phase 2 week 1 day 1! He should have been rolled back to that week 1 day 1 of phase 2! Why did he have to go all the way back?

  6. A motivational video doesn’t do Goggins justice. Listen to his 13 hour book. He doesn’t lie once in that book. He’s the most blunt guy ever, but this is good because that’s what it takes to get an idea to someone usually

  7. I was told I was never going to make regionals in cross country in highschool. I can still remember I was pissed off that day and still went to practice and ignored my coach and just ran. When I came back my team was upset because practice ended later than usual and my coach came out and said to the team " I watched him run and I watched you as well. You stopped when I told you to. He kept running. His job was to end his run at 6 miles. He ran 9. And because none you: boys and girls did the same, we finish practice with sprints." And we ran a 1 mile Sprint. I still can remember like it was still yesterday. I was wobbling to the track and was at the starting line for our sprints. And my coach said to everyone that the rest of us should easily out run me. And I saw a guy named Josh and he just fuelled my fuelled my fire,(he and I just didn't get along at the time) and my goal was just to out run him. And when the coach said go, I didn't feel a thing. I just ran. I can still relive how my chest was feeling it was going to cavein and how hard it was for me to even breathe. What I didn't know at the time was when the track coach was watching us. And after our sprints I tripped at the very end and landed on my knees and few of my teammates helped me up to the bleachers. And my cross country coach and the track coached basically checked me and Mr. Luther my cross country coach at the time told me this, " son not only did you out run your team in distance you also , unofficially broke the school's mile run in under 5minutes." This is no false tale of mine even I wish I could admit it is fictional but I can't.

  8. I feel like I became everything my ex’s friends said about me. I started becoming under appreciative in life about myself, and the girl of my dreams. I lost her, I broke up with her like a coward on a sleep medication (tranquiler) I was prescribed for PTSD. I’ve never felt more focused or more ignorant in my life. I know I’m capable of more, the man she fell in love with is waiting to burst out of this shell I became. I’ve suffered and hurt enough, no feeling sorry for myself. How can I be the man I want to be if I don’t earn it. I will earn everything and overcome these hurdles. I swear to God I Love you Leina and this is all a mistake. I would give anything to Marry Her. I don’t want anything else. I have to break these chains and setbacks I was given in life. I will be the greatest motherfucker that ever lived. So good she’s forced to take notice and realize I am the boy she fell in love with and the Man she always wanted to spend the rest of her life with. I love you babe I make this promise to you and myself I will always honor, love, live, and serve for you and conquer this world in this life and the next ♥️

  9. Theres no such thing as a clear goal in life you can only stop trying to do only one thing and explore your minds limits and enjoy every last bit of life because everyone ends up in the same place

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