How to Change Your Frequency to Change Your Reality | Christie Marie Sheldon

When you change your personal energy frequency you literally start to change your life. Learn how to overcome your abundance blocks that have been holding you back with Christie Marie Sheldon. Join her wildly popular Masterclass, “Unblock Your Abundance” now:


Christie Marie Sheldon is the author of Unlimited Abundance and Love and Above and is one of the world’s leading energy healers and experts on intuition. For more information on these courses and Consciousness Engineering with Christie visit:


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30 thoughts on “How to Change Your Frequency to Change Your Reality | Christie Marie Sheldon

  1. All my attemps to get a girl fucking failed… It's pretty messed up but it's cool. Just imagine never being loved, at least the way you desire to, ever in your life, no exceptions, just empty loneliness until you die from a stress related illness.

  2. I say "I don't know" to myself all day long because I have tried everything to heel myself and I just don't have any more ideas. Thank you for pointing this out! I am going to stop doing this now.

  3. Something is blocking me from getting pregnant. It's not right that I was raised to think that being a boy should prevent me from getting pregnant.

  4. Oh, Christie! Thank you so much. I´ve just tapped into all of this with frequencies. I believe the next step for you is making Jesus as your Lord and Savior. He created all the frequencies, and also you and he loves you so much 🙂 if He exist He will come to you soon I pray <3. Love from Sweden

  5. 1) i cant do this beacuseee…. is the patern u hv to
    2)choose happiness
    3)Stop judging . write is on a postcard so that realise and u cn clear ur beliefs.
    4) What would it take to reverse that judgment
    5) expand yourself till the universe and visualise what u want

  6. I looked at all the hate on this and this girl did one thing and that was expose it in people as they manifested openly and brought there ugliness into the open for everyone to see it

  7. Thanks to mindvalley for keeping this video available.
    I have watched it several times along one year and cleared old patterns that still were blocking me. Thanks to both for sharing your gifts. Love

  8. Curious to know if people who get happy or joyful when they party especially under influence of Alcohol.. does that count too

  9. This video has helped me immensely on my path to self-discovery, and as I have committed to applying the Law Of Attraction to my life. I will be applying all that I have learned in this video, the information was priceless to me. I am so thankful and grateful and happy to have found this video and to have watched this speaker. What an excellent example of engaging and informative public speaking to hold one's interest!

  10. You don't need to join anything or go anywhere!!! I'll tell it to you for free. All you have to do is simply decide who you want to be! In your minds eye you can see that. What kind of life are you passionate about living? What kind of person are you passionate about being? Once you defined and decided it, you simply step into that role! You identify with it! You become that person! Think the way he does. Feel the way he does. Do what he does. Be him. Before you know it, it will become your reality!!! That's all you need to know.

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