How To Become Younger | Eric Edmeades

In this talk from A-Fest Sardinia, Eric Edmeades shares how to become younger. Curious to know more? Watch Eric’s free masterclass here 👉


03:44 Teaching people to really pay attention to what’s going on their head
09:30 Reason why there’s so much talk about afterlife
17:14 An unpopular theory of Eric Edmeades
19:15 Reason why meditation works
24:52 Freedom to live a healthy life
32:28 There is no me, that’s not your body
37:01 Psychologically significant occasions



25 thoughts on “How To Become Younger | Eric Edmeades

  1. I Learned a lot from you today, thank you. I believe that you ought to spend as much time and energy thinking about the after life, I believe this how one becomes the best virgin of himself.

  2. Dear mindvalley. Please note I’m using a friends account for the purpose of staying anonymous.

    Please comment on white privilege. I purchased the wildfit course and the same information Eric is giving us was given to us br Dr Sebi many years ago yet he had to go through court case after court case to be able to share this exact information with the world. Yet you sell Eric’s course and no law suits have been logged against you?

  3. When you live on a beach you can live your life to the max …when you live in damp cold England with arthritis & a frame on your spine & can't walk far …after living a holesome life before all that happens its dam hard !!

  4. Thank you thank you thanks you. You have truly inspired me to take my journey to health further. I am pretty much doing the fasting now but do not have complete co girl of what I eat when temptation comes. Also you have spurred me on to start my walking regime and get fitter and healthier. I presently have a heart monitor and have fibromyalgia but feel that I ca. Overcome them both. I am 75 years old and my mom is 103 years old and if I am to live to that age then I want to do it inmgood health. Thank you for the inspiration ❤️🥰😍😃

  5. Great talk. It's not new information to me but always a good reminder. I am a ICU nurse and also worked in Intergrative medicine which is all about mind, body spirit, which includes everything you talked about. You are quite the name dropper though. Who cares who you are talking with. The message coming from you is enough. Love the simple saying of asking yourself are you going to listen to the sage or the teenager. Great question to ask. Thanks for sharing that important question. Best life changer I learned.

  6. Anything that improves the quality and longevity of life is a start. 👍. However, life and food is closer than you think. Let’s star from the middle. There are different levels of life. We know what each level eats. From a Cellular | Plant | Human. We know what their food source is or do we? What about what eats them? We know what feeds on the first two form of life but what lifeform feeds on us Humans. Do they feed on our energy or soul? What? Everything gets eaten. Ok
    Can there be a Energy lifeform that feed on our Humans. There is a higher level and they feed. Are we crops that this civilization is just waiting “reap” there were many nations before us and they are not many signs of them left. JUST ASKING. THINK. We are not told the whole story. FOOD. IS. LIFE.

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