How meditation drawing has helped my PTSD and depression

Pental pen brush:
Micron pens:

Hello fellow traveler. If you are here, I must assume you are searching for ways to fix yourself. Art therapy is one of the many tools I have used to help repair my inner world, and reflect positive sight into the shadows of the world that you and I share.

Every single one of us are completely unique. We are, ironically, all snowflakes.

I cannot pretend to know what you are going through, for I have not walked in your feet. I cannot pretend to know what you see, for the filter you use to read the outside world is yours, and yours alone.

I can only write from my own personal experiences. These are the things that I do to help me navigate the animalistic subconscious, and the insanity of consciousness.

My personal definition of art therapy

For me, art therapy is the act of getting your thoughts, and feelings out of your mind, and into reality. The human mind’s ability to imagine the best and the worst outcomes are limitless. Keeping thoughts to ourselves causes our subconscious, animal minds to repress these thoughts, stealing energy desperately needed to function in the outside world.

Getting these thoughts out of your head, and onto something physical can help free up the energy being used to repress those thoughts which allow you to start gaining your health back.
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One thought on “How meditation drawing has helped my PTSD and depression

  1. Wow I noticed the other day while trying to paint my own idea verses trying to copy a picture….. I was friggin tense and realized I wasn't breathing while painting my own idea….. Your videos always come at perfect timing for me thanks again brother!!💪🇺🇸

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