How Meditation Can Fuel Your Workouts

If you’ve ever taken a cycling class in New York lead by Robin Arzon, you probably noticed one thing about her: she’s fiery. She knows how to push and motivate her students.

But this lawyer-turned-sweat ambassador (her words!), has to work hard, both as an athlete and as a well-rounded human being. Through the power of meditation, she’s able to stay focused and sane. She puts bad thoughts on clouds and lets them float away so she can focus on what’s in front of her. Here, she opens up about how she trains her body and her mind.

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16 thoughts on “How Meditation Can Fuel Your Workouts

  1. Such an inspiration! I'm pretty new to fitness but it is a habit now after 4 months, and I'm on my 3rd week of running/jogging. I started this whole fitness journey because I heard it was supposed to help a lot with anxiety, along with getting myself into better shape, and boost energy.

    I also tried meditation earlier this year, but quickly gave up on it because I found it to be even harder than working out for me. I've never been very good at clearing my head or even just sitting there and doing "nothing", but this video has inspired me to try it again.

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