How Do I Discover Self Worth? – Teal Swan

How do you discover Self Worth? Self Worth is inherent. You… As an extension of source energy are born and die with the same amount of self worth and the same inherent potential which can not be added to or taken away from. You can think of worth like an eternal light which can’t be turned off or turned brighter. It can simply be obscured or allowed to shine by what’s in front of it.

A talent would be an example of something put in front of worth which allows it to shine. A fault may be seen as something put in front of worth which prevents it from shining.

In this episode, Teal explains how one would go about finding their own self worth and self esteem and reminds us all that none of us need to justify ourselves or our lives to anyone… not even to ourselves.

She reminds us that no matter who you are or what you have done in this life, you are wonderful and unique and most of all…you are ENOUGH.

Music: Flourish by Cora Flora

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20 thoughts on “How Do I Discover Self Worth? – Teal Swan

  1. Dear Teal, Thank you… I am on the same journey and someday hopefully I get to a complete state of self love… I feel a bit stuck at present to be honest! What would be the first few exercises you would recommend? Blessings.

  2. I am fascinated by the shift in energy in this video compared the the last couple I watched…arms crossed feeling which reflects how I feel about the topic also… Thank you so much for being you, and sharing with us, Teal! I woke this morning with a great appreciation for your example of how we 'can't escape our own nature' yet we can express it at so many different levels…I am greatly inspired by your ability to raise your vibration and focus your creative energy to promote connections and self love. Much Love.

  3. Dear this is a great sharing and very inspiring to see all the process you went through to understand your own mind…. but have you tried to breath and just focus in your heart and let go all these thoughts? All these very convoluted ways of thinking would drop instantly if you bring every thought that comes back to the heart. I understand not everyone has this connection but sorting out your own mind by thinking is a waste in my experience. Thanks anyway for your sharing since I can see how valuable can be for many.

  4. I was listening to this , not watching her. Right at the end i, her words touched me and I started crying. She told me what I've needed to hear for so long. So thankful. Bless you Teal.

  5. Why is it useless to expect to be somewhere other than where you are? What if you are in a place where you can not stand where you are and thus long for a place of belonging that serves your higher purpose?

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