Heightened Vigour, Inspiration and Intuition | 3 Hour Theta Brainwave | Theta Binaural Beat

Heightened Vigour, Inspiration and Intuition | 3 Hour Theta Brainwave | Theta Binaural Beat

Video: 5Hz Theta Binaural Beat at Right 214Hz and Left 219Hz Base Frequencies

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Theta Brainwaves Ranges from:
(4Hz to 8Hz)

•4.5 Hz – Brings about Shamanic/Tibetan state of consciousness, Tibetan chants.
•4.9 Hz – Induce relaxation and deeper sleep
•4.9 Hz – Introspection. Relaxation, meditation
•5 Hz – Reduces sleep required. Theta replaces need for extensive dreaming
•5.35 Hz – Allows relaxing breathing, free and efficient
•5.5 Hz – Inner guidance, intuition
•6.5 Hz – Centre of Theta frequency. Activates creative frontal lobe
•7.5 Hz – Activates creative thought for art, invention, music. Problem solving
•7.5 Hz – Ease of overcoming troublesome issues
•7.83 Hz – Schumann earth resonance. Grounding, meditative, Leaves you revitalized
•3 – 8 Hz – Deep relaxation, meditation. Lucid dreaming
•3 – 8 Hz – Increased memory, focus, creativity
•4 – 7 Hz – Profound inner peace, emotional healing. Lowers mental fatigue
•4 – 7 Hz – Deep meditation, near-sleep brainwaves

What are Theta Brainwaves?
Theta Waves, operates at 4 to 8hz. They are being used in meditation for centuries. Also they are slow moving and relaxed waves which are produced during you rest, sleep or dream (daydreaming). It has been proven that Theta waves are actually the binaural beats that we need to tune-in that have the positive impact on our psychological well-being. It is the gateway to learning and gaining sharp memory, which helps us to learn and retain information more effectively. The mind in is in deep relaxation, creativity and visualization during the theta waves are produced. You may feel loss of control over your mind, trance to sleep or left to the will of cosmos (some higher power), and yet our senses are withdrawn from the external world and it is conscious of what is happening around it.


Benefits from Theta Brainwaves:
• Improved memory, increased creativity and learning ability
• Deep relaxation
• Clams the chatter of your mind
• Holds our fears, troubled history, and nightmares
• Cure for insomnia
• Potent stress relief
• Body healing
• Heightened vigour, inspiration and intuition
• Increased sense of spiritual connection and psychic abilities
• Increased sense of emotional stability and inner peace
• Release beneficial hormones related to health and longevity
• Reduce mental fatigue

What are Brainwaves?
Billions of brain cells called neurons combine together to form a brain. Neurons communicate within our brains to cause emotions, behaviours and our every thought. And, during this communication between neurons, brainwaves are produced.

Try it out yourself, and please share your stories and experiences below on the comment section so others can benefit also.

NOTE: The binaural beats provided never to be used as a replacement for the advice, medicine of your health care provider or physician. The audio / video should not be used for treating or diagnosing disease or health problem. These audio / video are to be used in conjunction with normal treatments only.


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