Heart Light Meditation, Sasquatch teaching, fill your body with light.

Michael Harrell is showing how to do the Heart Light Meditation to Peter John Graham. Peter has a heart condition and must focus on his heart all day… This meditation was transferred “initiation style” to Michael… With this meditation you can first fill your own heart with light… This makes you visible to the spirit world.. Then once your heart is full of light it can flow into all parts of your body and being..
This is how the Sasquatch and the ET’s go invisible from this world. It is also how the Star people can take people out of house or car by making them into light beings .. BOTH the Star people and the Sasquatch people are teaching humans how to go invisible and become interdimentional under our own power.. With lots of help from them… Like remote viewing where you can view any location in time or space ( a 5d ability ) Heart Light Meditation takes practice and you really have to want to do this.. Yes Wanting to daily connect and fill your heart with light is the key..


5 thoughts on “Heart Light Meditation, Sasquatch teaching, fill your body with light.

  1. Long story of what she told me and I will make it short.She said as she showed me or took me in spirit this Beautiful Earth 🌏 be kind to one another, people be kind to Earth and Animals we will be coming out more and more it is time the Earth is Hurting we all need to work as one with Loving one another And Earth and I said what can I do I’m just a stay home Mom and she showed me A Pebble dropping in water and it repelling out.She also said more will hear them with good spirit.They Believe in a higher Power but they see humans do not have that same respect for all living things they are falling away from them self and others.We need to give more Love for are self and others

  2. Thank you so much Michael and Peter I have a new way of meditation to be closer to light and love with all my chakras in order. This was so interesting thank you guys for the lesson and the love.💟❤️💟

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