Hear New York City in 3D audio

The Verge’s Ryan Manning uses 3Dio’s Free Space microphones to take you on a crazy audio tour through Times Square, New York; a virtual barber shop; and a 360-degree Beck concert. This century-old technology of binaural audio — which hacks your brain to put you in a scene — is about to make a huge comeback with VR.

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37 thoughts on “Hear New York City in 3D audio

  1. Coming from the city of Hong Kong where the knowledge of Hi-Fi is absolutely common place, I am genuinely surprised that the audience of the VERGE, the tech-savy type of all people, need a video to explain to them what Binaural Audio is.

    I invite you to come to Hong Kong and check out the Hi-Fi and headphone specialty shops here. Even my 60-year-old mom knows what is, and how to, burn-in her new headphones.

  2. It feels like 'you re there !' that's truely amazing ! You were speaking about 5.1 and Home theater system, it's true that I watch a movie through PSVR, 7.1 sounds was somehow converted into binaural 2.0 channels and it is fantastic. Thank you very much for the experience 😉

  3. Now we need the technology to adjust the audio depending what direction someone's facing to make it a lot more dynamic. Maybe combine it with VR to make it much more immersive?

  4. maybe binural beats would actully work with binural audio. i always notice it being kinda of the same sound but binural actually worked in left or right ear its cool.

  5. You don't need the binaural microphones anymore.

    The BBC in their most recent Episode of Doctor Who "Knock Knock" (watch it just for the sound design it's really really cool!) They used binaural output through a standard single recording microphone and then used software to place it in space.

  6. I did some research into brainwave entrainment, and a lot of it does seem to be nonsense. But a few types of recordings have actually been shown to be effective in helping people achieve a specific brainwave frequency 🙂 Which can have an impact on mood/excitement/sleepiness.

  7. I can't wait for people to make it so that when you turn your head, you can hear everything as if you were actually there. I know they're working on it for VR, but it would be so amazing if that could work while your just wearing your headphones.

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