Healing Light Meditation – Full Mind & Body Healing

Do not listen while operating machines or cars.
HEADPHONES are required

Healing light floats over your body from your feet to your head.
It enters your brain, removing intrusive thoughts and filling you with love and clarity
As you listen to this relaxing healing light meditation, you feel unconditional love for yourself and others
you feel secured, safe and completely relaxed as the light intensifies within.
The healing light is penetrating your thoughts and clearing any obstacles and blockages from your system.
Just trust that healing light and let it do its work. It’s here to protect you, keep you safe, centered and grounded
The light moves its way inside your body and mind, you feel relief, a deep sense of calmness and soothing emotions
This light is coming from the center of the universe
The light energy is always active within you
The healing light is beginning to shine and as you breathe you inhale the bright light and exhale tension and stress
You feel safe to embrace positive pattern
you fill your heart and spirit with positivity and love energies
The healing light is removing any kind of negativity and wraps you with an energy of divine love.
The light touches every part of your mind, body and soul that requires healing
It feels so good
The healing light is sparkling in your body, scanning your cells deeper and deeper
Starting from your feet, up to your thighs, root chakra, stomach, lungs, through your hands and finger tips, throat, teeth and head


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