Hair – or lack of hair – and the humility it brings

Ok…dammit…why I have darker hair 🙂 hahhahah
Some of you have commended me for having darker hair. Lovely sentiment – amazing in fact – but truthfully not the whole story. Sometimes we do things to ourselves which messes us up so much and requires a total reset in our physical or emotional appearance. At the exact time of my transition away from my marriage I also experienced a transition from my looks. Everything was a humbling and yet empowering experience. I’m only sharing this because sometimes a small thing like “hair” or lack of hair will reset our appreciation for everything else. Hope you understand. As an aside, I had a magical genie reminding me all the time that even with my burnt baby bangs I was still lovable. That man’s name is Cole. I love him to the moon and back. He gave me the constant support I didn’t know I needed to make videos I didn’t know you needed. Thank you my sweet Colie!
Much love, Allison


47 thoughts on “Hair – or lack of hair – and the humility it brings

  1. You'd be beautiful bald. Don't worry about your hair, we love you. And you're a very beautiful lady – blond, brown, ashen gray, burnt, doesn't matter. Can't sabotage natural beauty!

  2. Girl you are gorgeous regardless of hair!! I’ve been shaving my head since I was 19 due to alopecia. Sooo many wigs to play with now. My hardest lesson was coming to terms with being bald and learning to feel beautiful despite society’s expectations. Keep being you! We love you just the way ya are!

  3. Let it grow with your natural color don't fight nature! Do a short hair cut as a man hairdo or so to avoid any problem on it you have now, and let it then grow naturally with her natural color. Women are trying to follow stereotypes that normal men usually don't like, only "bad men" like, so you attract what really you don't want to attract when you fake your image.

  4. I overbleached once & my suddenly white fluffs of cotton that used to be my hair came out in big, wadded up clumps.. BUT the worst was pulling out my eyelashes on my left eye when my stepson sneezed and scared me while I was curling it, causing me to "startle jump" & accidentally yanked them out. Took FOREVER to grow back, & meanwhile I had to use fake lashes that I never could get the hang of (or have the stable hands to apply), so I looked really weird & a bit lopsided. I mostly hid for 8 months or so. Ahhh vanity lol

  5. As a non-toxic hairdresser for 30 years I will say that hair is ALWAYS a direct metaphor. ☺️ on top of that, there are ways to color the hair without chemicals. The scalp is the biggest sponge on the body, so make sure that if you use chemicals keep them off your scalp. 💞

  6. I love your laugh ♥ It makes me laugh and it raises my vibration. I just like listening to you talk and laugh and I agree with Lizzie barnts catalyst you are so cute and so funny and everything else she said. Please keep being you, you are a beautiful person! ♥♥

  7. Awe your so cute and beautiful no matter what your hair looks like. I did something like that to my hair before. The weirdest part is how others persive you after something like that. Sending you big hugs! 🙂

  8. You are so sweet. And hilarious! ✌🏼🙏🏻
    I am soooo scared of doing my own hair too…I will pay for someone to do it cuz, I am a super-clutz with stuff like that! I have burnt my hair too while flat ironing it…OMG. I know how you feel…🙄😉

  9. Ya know, I have a thyroid issue… That being said, I've always considered myself to be an average type person, not a movie star, not one that is really noticed in a crowd. When my hair started thinning in the same areas, I was like oh my Lordy! But then I thought, haven't I always been the person thats told others, beauty, true beauty is on the inside, the outside is just a shell meant to hold that beauty. So, am I being a bit overly dramatic if Im concerned about a thinning hairline??? Yes! I am! And ya know what, others don't walk in my shoes, they dont take the steps of life I take, so they cant possibly know reasons for my hair loss. Stress, stress and more stress! And its how I choose to deal or accept circumstances in life that my hair responds by falling or thinning. So, I choose to smile, breathe, and allow the flow of each moment to not affect me, but to flow 'through' me. And, my hair has grown back some. 😊

  10. Super Beautiful women like Allison can be so self conscious over the smallest things! Funny that you had both dental and hair drama around the same time ha ha. No worries we all love you no matter what

  11. You look CLASSY with your warm, chestnut hair. You look BUBBLY with your blonde hair. Combine the two and you're a bubb…. nope, nevermind, then you'd look like a tabby cat! lol (kidding) Welcome back!

  12. Girl, my hair has been thinning for years. My savior is Hair Toppers! Check out @HighlineWigs on Instagram. You can buy a topper and cover your bio hair until it grows out. You can buy a fabulous blonde topper and get the look you want now!

    Love you ❤. You can ck out how I look in hair toppers at @micheleproano , and see how natural they can look. 😊

  13. Love you and your honesty honey. I just cut all mine off due to the same shit happening to me. My silly hubby wanted me to have a perm like in high school. Wow, never gonna do that again. My hair was the most healthiest it had ever been and bam, frizz and ruined hair. So, I cut it off above my neck. I look like a boy. lol Anyway, I love my long hair and now I am baldy. lol Anyway, you are always beautiful and hilarious. Thanks for the honesty. Love that about you. I bought a wig btw, a halloween wig. I don't care. It cost me $11 on and I will feel better wearing that out rather than my boy hair. lol Much love and Light to you. <3 🙂

  14. No hair needed your energy is bright and we all can be whatever we wish in 5D and soon nobody will care about outward appearance as all will be what they want. We are close skies are clear now

  15. T.Taylor has a video on this!!! As your crystalline body is activating you can't color or hold a curling iron on it because it will break off now. I had to quite highlighting when I saw that.

  16. Dear lady, I did this for years.. the old Sun In.. was standard peroxide with lemon juice.. but the lemon can cause sun damage to scalp and skin.. but if you take regular peroxide and put it in a spray bottle.. spritz once a day or every other day and let it dry on its own. till you get a good shade.. never did the burn thing with it..only needed after that like once a week or so for new you, dear one 🙂

  17. I shaved my dreadlocks off last December.. oh honey. I do relate!! I have felt so insecure every since. It's a lesson for us the right! A lesson to love ourselves and discover that pesky ego that hides within. Sending u love 😘

  18. I'm not sure if you'll read this. But you can help it along the way. First get yourself a satin pillowcase. Cotton ones rob your hairs natural oils. Try to oil your hair at night with geranium essential oils. And when you do cut your hair think about what time of the moon phases your doing it in. Also keeping the scalp clean helps.
    P.S. Your are a beautiful soul within and out. Even in your natural color hair. No one could really notice, besides it was a warmer color. Blessings

  19. That's a 10 out of 10 on the life stories which bring us all together and make us feel glad we are alive. I am happy to know I am not the only person who does ridiculous disastrous things.

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