Guided Shamanic Journey to the Akashic Field: Connect With Your Spirit Guides.

Power of the Shamanic Drum The Complete Collection – Physical CD available in our store here – Headphones are strongly recommended for this video. Shamanic journeys to the Akashic Field have been used since ancient times to help people with their lives. In this easy-to-follow and powerful meditation, our narrator, an experienced practitioner of Shamanic journeys, will guide you to the quiet, lush forests of the Lower World to meet with your own spirit guides and receive enlightenment to help with your own life path.
This guided shamanic journey is a gentle, rewarding and beautiful experience.


1) Guided Shamanic Journey (narrated) :
2) Drums With atmospheric music:
3) Without Music (Drums only):


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37 thoughts on “Guided Shamanic Journey to the Akashic Field: Connect With Your Spirit Guides.

  1. That drumming felt like it was taking over, I actually got scared at first and wondered whether to stop. I don't know if I saw anything or not. If I did I hope it comes to me, if not well I'll just keep trying it!

  2. The music to this is so beautiful. When they were talking about connecting with the Earth and being ancored with it it felt like I was being rooted to the floor. Also when I was wondering around the forest I took me a while to find any animals (I trouble focusing) but I finally found one and it was a beautiful and mysterious white snake. I tried to talk to it but it didn't say anything. I did get this pulling feeling from it though. It felt like it was whispering in my ear and trying to talk to my mind.

  3. I was super excited about trying this! I laid down, put my headset in, and prepared for my journey, the drums started… then they stopped, and I was told to come back to reality. Zero memory of any sort of adventure. O. O Pretty sure I fell asleep, I guess I needed a nap, so I restarted the meditation this time focused and alert ready to meet my spirit guides truly. The drums start I enter the forest… and they stop, once again beckoned to reality. WTF I guess this drumbeat puts me to straight to sleep o.O

  4. There was a deer and a big angel that looked blue. I kept asking if I would be able to see my daughters grow. They nodded yes but violently. I asked them again and agin and they would nod the same way. The angel put me on the deer and he ran with me fast, suddenly threw me into a white room. I felt so afraid the whole time! I asked again if I will see my girls grow for some reason I felt afraid they wanted to say no. That was my own fear I believe. The deer then said noooooooo you need to stop asking that and go with your girls just grow grow. I still felt scared that they wanted to tell me I won’t be able to see them grow. I don’t know if I was making it up because when I would ask I felt like I was making them say yes but maybe they wanted to say no. Again, I’m sure this was me being afraid. The deer seemed altered maybe mad like it wanted to launch at me, I felt like it was my angriest spirit guide. Still didn’t try to hurt me it was just very altered and ran so fast while I was on it. Suddenly it ran inside a white room and threw me off where I sat down slowly. My dad appeared and hugged me. He sort of told me through thoughts to go enjoy my kids, don’t worry I will be there for them. These were not words just feelings. When I was leaving the deer kept yelling at me, noooooooo Stop asking that go with your girls, go, go, go. I still feel very anxious by it all. The whole time I was there I was so anxious. Might have to do it again when I feel more calm. The angel touched me before all of that and I saw a vision of a very old lady sitting on a wheelchair, maybe it was me? She seemed extremely old.

  5. I am a total beginner but I listened to this just before bed and fell asleep. I woke up and i got a very clear thought and image of two bears. The bears were very dark and standing upright. Does anyone have any thoughts on this at all?

  6. Well about mine.. It was a litle strange like everyone. What i saw was a florest with flurescent lights and then in front of me was a stairs that lead to the pool. Yo near the pool i see the back of someone, like It had feathers white and brown like a jacket then i saw him better. Had a eagle head, wings with human hands, and the body too. Only the feet were from a eagle too. He was using potions to help with something. We didnt talk to much. But he said that was everything be ok, to be relax. He said that he will help me, i Just need to ask him. Then he start to fly and Go away. I ask him his Name and he said "Ra" like the egypcian god . It was awesome. Thanks for the experience!

  7. The forest became ab ocean where I met a whale. It allowed me to ride its back and bought me underwater. I saw some fishes but was indistinct. Then, when it rose above water, it bought me back to the forest and met a male lion. Its mane is so big and wild. I rode on its back. Before I leave I asked should I do for my licensure exam. I heard "dream big".

  8. I found this very relaxing, but I found it difficult to picture much as the voice was distracting. I’d get glimpses of a forest that I was trying to imagine. But as soon as I’d imagine something the voice would then direct me to imagine water and golden shadows etc and I felt this kept interrupting the flow. Am I even doing it correctly?
    I wonder how when reading other people’s experiences they seem to be talking with and being led by their spirt guides, being actually THERE in a forest. How can you fully let go and experience this whilst the talking is going on? Any tips would be great.

  9. Suggestion… either turn up the drum beats or turn down the voice track… the speaking should be in the background with the drums as focus… as it is the voice is disturbing to the vibratory feel of the music. But otherwise very nice.

  10. It was me, or someone who’s physical attributes are very like me. I saw through their eyes as they placed their hand on my shoulder from behind and squeezed, I just burst into tears and they were gone. I don’t know what to make of it

  11. Wow…this was absolutely crazy. I am not sure who is going to read this, but I feel the need to write this down right now.

    When I descended through the tree to the bottom and stepped out, I did not see any ancient forest, no matter how many times the recording told me to picture it. I was standing in a rolling field or savannah of endless long golden grass and hills with the occasional tree popping out. As I waited for my guardian spirit, I saw a shape almost immediately come bounding up to me through the grass. It was a hyena. Despite how vicious I know these animals to be in real life, I knelt down and wrapped my arms around it's neck in a soft hug. I felt unbelievably safe, like I was holding a massive puppy or something. I placed my forehead against it's and I asked my question: "How can I let go of my anxiety and not give into my stress?" This is a problem I have been trying to fight for a while now. The hyena suddenly began bouncing around me, and to my shock, I actually heard it whinny. It was slowly changing into more of an equine shape, and I was compelled to climb onto it's back. We rode across the rolling golden hills, and as we did, the hyena transformed into a beautiful striped zebra underneath me. Through the whole ride, high in the sky, I was being followed by some sort of bird of prey, a hawk or an eagle or something. It was so high up that I couldn't tell what it was, but I felt safe knowing it was there.

    The zebra and I rode across the hills until we came to a pool of water with a single tree over it. I dismounted and approached the pool, stepping off the shore and walking in up to my neck. The water was cool and soothing and perfect. As I stood there, a shape circled around me, and out of the water surfaced a crocodile. It looked at me with one yellow eye, and I petted it's head before dunking myself under the water. As I glanced through the murky green depths, I suddenly saw the crocodile swimming towards me. It opened it's jaws and lunged. I panicked and through my arms up, holding the beast back by the snout before pushing it to one side and clambering out of the pool. The crocodile did not follow.

    As I lay on the shore, gasping for breath, the zebra came over and gave me a small nuzzle. I rounded on the creature and yelled, "What the hell was that?!", clearly distressed at being attacked. Through my mind, a soothing female voice spoke a simple sentence: "You faced the crocodile, and you did fine…" And that's when I knew. This was my answer. I don't need to give into my stress or anxiety, because I can face my life's challenges, my "crocodiles", and I know I will be fine. The zebra showed me that I am stronger and more resilient than I think I am. I do not need to worry.

    I know this is really long but this….wow. This was profound. Thank you, Honest Guys. Thank you for all that you do, for me and for countless of others. Please never stop <3

  12. I jumped straight into the pool of water, wanted to as soon as it was mentioned. I could see birds flying above the trees, but they didn't come closer and I didn't really want them too either. I just swam until i felt someone watching and tried asking them questions but they didn't answer. Just told me to carry on swimming because I needed this moment – I can't even swim in reality, but it was all I wanted to do there. We hugged briefly and I could feel my skin vibrate, and my brain release a whole flood of happy hormones (kinda like when you hug someone on molly lol).

    I suffer badly from dissociation and have been struggling lately with staying grounded and present in my life. I'm eternally grateful for my spirit guide allowing me to do so in such a safe, spiritual space. Thank you for this guide 💗

  13. I saw a spider. Very fitting I've been having dreams about them whole my life, I'm/was very afraid of them . But since my awakening they have been showing up in my visions. Once I had one about a tarot reader and the next reading she had there was a spider there and she pulled the same spider card I saw in my vision. They made me view my spider dreams/nightmare differently. And I saw a bunny just skipping through the forest. There was also a tall man surrounded by light behind of me. He appeared when I was talking to the animalshen. He gave me a huge hug exactly what I needed. When the walked away the spider became a man and the bunny a lily girl… Very interesting. Thanks for the video

  14. I am going to do this one again I semi blacked out I cannot remember anything or seeing anything but I was speaking to someone and we were talking back and forth but about what I don't know. When the loud drumming came in I woke up more and came out of it. Maybe I'll dream something or when I do this one again I can remember.

  15. I did this to see if I had a soulmate and this deer came to me, so I asked it and I was given this vivid person in my mind. As soon as I finished up the meditation I immediately sketched up what I saw

  16. I saw a bear, I was so scared of it at first and visions of being devored by it kept coming into my mind. Then I heard this man figure calling me from behind a tree, but I just couldn't see him. Next I thought I saw a soldier but I couldn't see his horse. I saw a goat instead and was a little bit scared because I thought a goat could mean something bad. Then, my main spirit guide emerged from the waters and gave me a sense of relief like she always does. She introduced me to this male figure in white clothing and told me he was my brother. They told I shouldn't be afraid of the bear and the goat. Next thing I know I'm petting the bear and comparing the size of his paw to my hand, what a beautiful experience.

  17. So, I dont quite know how to explain this. Last night I did a guided meditation to meet my spirit animal on a different channel. In the meditation I met a very white very large goose that spread it wings and flew away, I came to this channel hoping to meet the goose again. Instead I met a frog in a pond, it looked at me blankly even hopped in my hand turned around jumped into the pond and submerged itself in the water, confused I looked around in a distance I could see a large yellow snake with black circles around its body (not very informed on snake types) also just staring but with a smile. I shrugged and continued looking around repeating myself over and over what message are you guys trying to leave me what is my purpose. When I heard a towering brown bear walking towards me on its hind legs, I stood my ground and waited for it reach me expecting brace myself. Its paws came down and as I flinched waiting for the impact. There was nothing looking up the bear was looking me in the eye its front paws resting on my shoulders also staring at me blankly. Confused I heard a bird and felt a small set of talons land on my head and hop down holding on tightly on the back of my neck with its claws while fussing with my hair in a playful matter before taking off. The bear took a step back gave me one more long hard look before walking away, as I went to do the same the snake that was once on the tree was now closer to me as if it snuck up on me coiled and ready to lunge. I quickly sidestepped it and stomped on its neck listening to the crack of its neck and skull, I took a step back as I watched it not only reshape its neck and skull but its color changed as well before it smiled and also slithered away. After that the forest turned into complete darkness and I returned to reality. It was a eerie experience but it was oddly calming at the same time

  18. you guys do a great job, by far the best guided meditations on youtube. This is my favourite right now. One that helped me a lot when I felt really distrubed was The healing temple. Now I feel it doen't help me anymore cause I am no longer in that state, but it was wonderful at that time. Now I like this one very very much! Helps you connect to your inner self very well. Warm voice, great editing, lovely image, although you can't watch it cause you have the eyes closed 😀

  19. Wow, I did not expect that – it was very powerful. I met with three guides – a white wolf, an egyptian goddess (Isis past life) and a falcon. Thank you THG!! Much love and light.:)

  20. I’ve tried twice but could never entered the altered status, my mind often wanders away with other thoughts in daily life. So what I did was only trying to visualize the scenery, couldn’t really feel in there, and could meet any guide. Could you please share some advices? Thank you so much!

  21. I met a tiger and a lion who were my closest guides … they led me to a waterfall where many other wolves, Jaguars, and cheetahs surrounded us they let me know I have a lot of guidance so there’s nothing to fear .

  22. A Stag, a beautiful deer came to me and put his head down to me.
    I felt so privileged and blessed and I started to cry.
    There were some other animals there, but none so clear as the Stag.

  23. I really enjoyed and benefited from this journey, but find it to be too short, and my entry doesn’t always match the guided narrative. I’m wondering whether you would ever consider posting audio of the drumming with less guided narrative for use? I’ve struggled to find drumming audio that I enjoy as much as this though feel rushed through journey using this particular recording?

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