Guided Meditation for Giving & Receiving Loving Kindness (Happiness, Abundance & Healing)

Welcome to this guided meditation which is designed to train your mind for calm and relaxed moments of positive loving kindness.

This guided meditation uses techniques of progressive relaxation and imagined visualisation to help you positively enhance your own happiness and inner healing energy through the practice of universal loving kindness

This session can also be useful for alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression.

By practicing these techniques of mindful loving kindness you will find you are more able to naturally increase your own compassion, tolerance, understanding and acceptance for both yourself, and for others.

This meditation experience may be repeated as often as you choose to reinforce your positive intentions.

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37 thoughts on “Guided Meditation for Giving & Receiving Loving Kindness (Happiness, Abundance & Healing)

  1. Genius you. Love your work. You are the best I have found. Much love. Ps food for thought in the future sometime. Deep meditation for Total uninhabition, feeling self with powerful love and slowed vibrational flow. 🙏🏽💯💯🌸💖🙌💥

  2. Lately i am trying to be a good human being to my self and others and I am lucky to have found this meditation! I am going to listen to it more times. I usually meditate for 20-25 mins and this is the longest I have done and I feel so good about my self. I know whomever I have sent my love and kindness has received it! You are the best! Thank you so much!

  3. Thank You Michael. This meditation is powerful beyond words. I keep coming back to it once in a while and each time I hear different message. This time it is about my best self. And amazing is that after few days of listening this time I received a dream about new car engine, not from this world, filled with blue liquid, completely self sufficient-I knew when I woke up, that I have a new heart. And I can feel the love for everything and everyone. Tnak You Dear. Love. Dorota

  4. One of the best Loving Kindness affirmations for meditation I have heard. Michaels accent and soothing voice is almost seductive. I find this meditation prior to going to sleep and is prayer for my soul.

  5. I imagined all the people who hurt me sitting in a cirlce around me. While I wished them well, I realised that I am setting myself free from conditional love by wishing them well. I can love regardless of conditions. And that's all I really want – to be able to share myself (love) freely.
    Thank you for this meditation 💜

  6. After reading the comment I’m going to give this a go god I’m so negative these days I’m just so unhappy without my partner willing to try anything and everything to clear my air 😫

  7. I listened to this with the intent to fall asleep to it, and I woke up this morning not remembering any of it, (it played, there weren't any technical difficulties) I usually have a lot of anxiety and self esteem issues. I have an addiction, I go to 12-step meetings, and I have autism that it's difficult to communicate with others, even just eye-contact feels impossible almost all the time. I'm hoping I can get out of this bubble and live a fuller life. So I'm worried because I fell asleep, I'm wondering how effective can it be when I don't remember it?

  8. wow….amazing..amazing itches i never knew existed! gah, why do i always itch so bad when i try to meditate :-/.
    but for real, this feels like a really profound meditation, it;s quite great 🙂

  9. The pace, super gentle soft music , and accent set Michael apart leaps and bounds from any other – simply THE BEST. I have been sensing a block in chakra 4 and according to The Roby Chart- this hypnosis session is what will heal the imbalance. Thanks soo very much

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