Guided Meditation for Creativity

Even creative people sometimes need a boost. This simple guided meditation will help you to tap into and exercise your imagination so easily you will hardly even realize it. This visualization with ambient sounds can be used at any time to enrich your creativity.


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Epic power meditations are a new form of meditation/visualizations using the amazing skills of some outstanding composers and musicians.

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These videos are designed to be played in the background, to help with study, sleep and relaxation.


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Track title: Image in the Mirror
Artist: Alexander Khaskin
Composer: Alexander Khaskin (SOCAN – CAE#: 231945867)
Publisher: Lynne Publishing (PRS – CAE#: 541626758)

Track title: Twilight Comes
Artist: Vance Marino/Tracey James Marino
Publisher: Prolific Two Publishing – Bmi

Track title: Reflecting Pool
Artist: Joy Adams
Publisher: Prolific Two Publishing – Bmi


20 thoughts on “Guided Meditation for Creativity

  1. I was walking in this cartoon world and there were aliens, I went into a subway and i went to a park in the sky with lightbulbs and then I saw Thanos

    It makes as much sense as it sounds

  2. Wow. It was a cool fall evening with a light breeze. I found myself walking down a black and shiny cobblestone road. There was some sort of night festival happening. There were candle lit street lamps lining the road. The people all were walking with lit candles in their hands and the crowd in the distance glowed like sparkling Christmas lights. The women all had on long dresses. The air smelled of spice and warm baked cookies. So amazing. I loved this one!

  3. I really like this. Other guided meditations I listened to instructed the listener to "gently guide your mind back to your breathing" if it wanders, whereas this one encourages letting your mind wander, and explore where it goes. I was honestly surprised by what my mind came up with when I put it on free roam auto-pilot. Really damn cool!

  4. That helped me a lot. I could feel even the cold of the streets from the city that I wrote for my book. Nice that our mind autimatically fit the spaces we are with buildings and people. Thank u guys for making this. Sooner or Later I gonna finish my story e.e

  5. I saw all kinds of creatures dressed as humans. I Was a man with a beard, took My Little mirrow out of My pocket and cut My long beard while sitting on a bench. I saw birds flying in The Sky and One feather fell from THE sky as i had My guardian Angel on My left side smiling with me 🙃

  6. I tried this today. I didn't quite fail, but my brain didn't understand that it was allowed to wander. I'll have to do it a couple more times and really allow my brain to be creative without me telling it what to see.

    I wasn't completely unsuccessful. I was in a town that looked a lot like Bar Harbor, Maine. The town had a bakery, a couple of coffee shops, and a ton of bookstores. I wandered through the town, mainly just window shopping, and then I decided to get a cone of ice cream and sit down on a park bench. An old woman, who reminded me of the Queen, with a walker asked if she could sit with me. This town was her home, however, she traveled the world. She told me that each bookstore in the town had a different genre. So, one store had all children's books, one was all horror, one had mystery novels, and one had spirituality and faith books.

    Also,​ I saw a dog at some point.

    Although I saw and experienced all these things, I still felt like my brain was waiting for me to tell it what to see, smell, hear, taste and feel. I will definitely be trying this more and letting my brain come up with the story~

  7. Hm, I didn't get anything crazy wild, just pretty much a town.
    But maybe that is the point, it's less about topping yourself and others and more about just going ahead and creating and how stories and details naturally open up without needing to be forced.

  8. The first time I used this meditation, I pictured myself at Park Central Square in Springfield, Missouri, one moment and walking down the street south of the square the next. As I walked down the street, I would come across what is really one of the parks in the town where I lived with my stepmother and father growing up, just southwest of Springfield.
    But when I used this meditation last week, at first I pictured myself at Park Central Square, but I decided to start over and take a different route. I decided to picture myself at first in the "Landing" in Branson (a town south of Springfield), but then walking away from the center of the Landing, sailing on the bordering lake toward the Nature Center in Springfield, and sitting there awhile before returning toward the Landing.
    Springfield and Branson are in real life some 30 miles apart, but not by accident, in this case the Landing and the Nature Center actually bordered each other! Based on a dream I once had of being at the Landing one moment but the Nature Center the next.
    What a perfect way to be creative for this meditation!

  9. I imagined the Plaza Square in Madrid, Spain where I saw musicians playing the fiddle, ice cream being sold to kids and people dancing in the street. The Plaza is one of my favorite places.
    Some artists in the Plaza including Picasso and Monét painting the landscape.
    I walked outside of the street and saw a huge beautiful lagoon with palm trees where I relaxed, crystal turquoise ocean. Wow I forgot how powerful our imagination is.

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