Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Obsessive Thoughts

Meditation for anxiety – free guided meditation (expand for full description). Get my FREE “Yoga For Abs” class: Join my community of 7,000 yogis at If you have a busy mind or catch yourself obsessively thinking about something, this is a guided meditation to calm you down. Anytime you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed, many of these cues can help a lot. This seated practice is 15-minutes long and also appropriate for those new to meditation.

I don’t instruct a specific mudra in this meditation video. So if you’re wondering what to do with your hands, I suggest palms facing down on your knees for the first half, and perhaps switching to palms facing up, thumb and forefinger touching as the meditation goes on. Another nice option can be hands face-up, one placed over the other gently in your lap.


37 thoughts on “Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Obsessive Thoughts

  1. This is absolutely beautiful. All the thoughts that bothered me for such a long time now doesn't even seem to be here anymore. My first day doing it and I feel like I have a long way to go, but doing this gives me hope.
    Thank you for that.
    Lots of love and light.

  2. I have had thoughts about my beleifs and i just continue to obsess over my beliefs and it continues in a chain where i talk about the same thing over and over again and i continue to think about it. i want out of these obsessed thoughts but when i try not to think about it i am thinking about it and i am unable to eject from the obsessive thought chain. so i need to go straight to the main source lock it in a box and let it go in the ocean of my mind let it pass away forever.

  3. This was my first time doing guided meditation and I absolutely loved it! I came out of it feeling uplifted and something I have been worried about for the past couple of weeks suddenly doesn't feel so heavy anymore, as I realized that it is truly out of my control, no matter how much I fight against it. I found Brett last year around this time through her yoga videos and got a Youtube just so I could watch them (until I forgot the login information, which brought me to getting this account) and recommend both her yoga and meditation videos for absolutely anyone, even someone who just wants to check out what the yogi lifestyle is all about.

  4. Thank you very much for this. I've always had an obsessive personality, but normally it doesn't interfere with my life, but I am 1 month into a soul crushing break up and I am starting to lose my grip. I can think of nothing but her day in and day out and I need a break, I have finals to study for and I just cant get my brain to calm down, but this helped a lot. I plan on using it over and over until I can control my thoughts on my own.

  5. Brett…love your guided meditations and the 15-25 minutes are perfect. Please make more when you can. Maybe something on being loving and less judgmental of others and ourselves.

  6. I really loved your video. It helped me a lot! Thank you so much!! I loved how it was so specifically oriented and the fact that you didn't include music. It really was really helpful!!!

  7. I'm in tears right now. Thank you for the visual of breathing 'down' into the pelvis/hips. I suffer from crippling anxiety (usually about future scenarios) and often my obsessive thoughts are felt deeply in my neck, throat and chest area – almost like a hot ball in my throat. I try meditating but often I feel like the thoughts are just swimming uncontrolled in my head, even when I'm just trying to focus on my breathing. I tried your ;breathing down' technique tonight and I could really feel it coming out of my head and down into my hips. Wow. I had physical tingles at the top of my head during it. Incredible. Thank you so much. I'm going to keep working with this method.

  8. beautiful meditation from a beautiful person! I especially like the process of 'lowering' the distractions to a more solid foundation (of peace, clarity – my words 🙂 ).

  9. I've just recently gotten into yoga, and it;s changed my whole world. I've learned to let go of things i've been holding onto for years, and to trust in the universe and myself. Thank you so much

  10. Thank you so much. I've got quite an obsessive personality and I've only recently woken up to this, this last week I've been experiencing it full on (I think due to the alignments and me being Virgo and having a spiritual awakening it's been a pretty intense month of learning), so this morning I woke up with a headache and this meditation has helped shift it. I rarely get headaches so I believe it is all the obsessive energy I've accumulated. Thank you so much <3 xxx

  11. I've always been afraid of illnesses, getting them etc. Since I was very little! I remember being really scared when I got my first sore throat. As I got older I became more and more scared. Does this count as anxiety? Last year my asthmatic bronchitis came back stronger than ever and I've been under a lot of stress and I had few asthma attacks or panic attacks..I'm not sure I just freaked out because it was really hard for me to breathe. So lack of oxygen in my brain made my anxiety stronger and my OCD even got back but, I keep it under control. I don't use any medication for this because I hate medication! Now I'm successfuly but slowly curing my asthmatic bronchitis I still have to work a lot on my mind. I literally jump everytime someone mentions "heart attack" because before I discovered that I had asthmatic bronchitis I thought that something with my heart wasn't right. I often felt my chest tingling. Now when I know that my heart is perfectly healthy the fear is still present. Even more during days when asthmatic bronchitis is bothering me because it only increases the anxiety. I'm in a pretty complicated stage right now so I try to meditate as most as possible. My nerves all over the place. Your video is a great start though so thank you 🙂

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