Guided Meditation – Chakra Balancing – Chakra Alignment

This powerful chakra balancing guided meditation will easily align your chakras with the simple technique in which you will be guided through each chakra, allowing energy to flow and blocks to be released. This is an exercise which can be used by anyone who needs to harmonise and balance their body’s energy.
It is perfect to use just before sleep, or at any time of the day.

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(Ascension) by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.


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(Ascension) by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.


49 thoughts on “Guided Meditation – Chakra Balancing – Chakra Alignment

  1. A powerful meditation for feeling your energy while it balances and cleans blockages. Great balance of guiding with white space for organic visualization. And the music and voice just perfect for magic. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for your meditations. This has allowed me to free myself from many painful experiences. I lay here much more calmed then I could imagine myself ever being. Just 5 days ago I walked down my hallway in the middle of the night to find my wife unconscious, and close to death. The EMT said that 5 minutes longer and we would have lost her. I broke down inside. I felt weak for days. Restless nights filled with anxiety. I then remembered your work and I am able to ground myself. This has helped me find my strength and a deeper understanding of just how healing is well within our reach. Thank you.

  3. Okay I looked this up and I can tell u, it helped but it also helps I know reiki. So as I did this I asked for what I wanted to feel. At the end I saw it working… Which different for everyone.

  4. There was a shorter version of this that fit perfectly into my morning schedule. It appears to have been removed from youtube. Is there any way to find it or that I can purchase it? It really was one of my favorites and Id love to have it.

  5. No lie this is the bomb , I felt my third eye blocked and cause of that I was having sinus problems- now I breathe soooo much better , big thumbs up 👍🏾

  6. Think this literally saved my life. I had allot of blockages I needed to clear and let go of. I noticed a HUGE difference after doing this chakra balancing meditation. Currently doing trauma therapy atm too.. I couldnt find ways to ground my self. I Couldn't make my self stop worrying. Anxiety has been through the roof. My mind feels really calm now. I think my worrying and anxiety has dropped to an absolute 0. I've been dealing with It every day for 5 months. Got diagnosed with generalized anxiety, ptsd, and panic disorder. My mind doesn't feel like it's racing as much anymore when it did when I did the release anger and chakra balancing video. I feel like my mind isn't in fear anymore. Honestly feel like I can focus now.I feel like that sometimes when our minds aren't balanced we tend to get out of focused and start to worry and aren't grounded with our self. Also what I learned from Mr Miyagi from Karate Kid. ^_^ And Jackie Chan. We should always concentrate if during our problems. 🙂 Thank you THG you saved me from ending up in the mental hospital I couldnt get my mind to shut down from worrying too much. 🙁 Your saving allot of lives. Keep up the good work. ^_^ Thank you!!! 😀

  7. I have been listening to your guided meditations for some time and absolutely love your stuff. You create such a beautiful work, including the voice, music and affirmations. I find it very helpful and relaxing. Thank you :))

  8. I absolutely love your stuff. I routinely use your 5 minute guided meditations with my grade 5 class in Korea where student stress is one of the highest in the world. It makes an unbelievable difference in how much calmer (and happier) they are for the rest of the day. Some are even incorporating these videos before bed for a better sleep. After trying many, many meditations online, it was their choice to stick with your series. An absolute favourite with my class. Our heartfelt thanks. xo

  9. Hello honest guys, I am still astonished and overwhelmed by the strong powerful internal blissful peace, which I have been seeking for the past decade . Thank you so much mate.

  10. Hi there, I use your sleep meditation every night (for anxiety ) and it really helps me, and a few others during the day, i am just wondering if I could use this one lying down for sleep or would you recommend a different one?

  11. beautiful ~~ i am a new Pranic Healer ~~ intention is everything~~ this is very very good ~~ i became a healer as my life got to a point where i needed some serious healing~~ & YOU GUYS have helped me heal the last part of my crazy journey ~~ bless you beautiful souls

  12. The Honest Guys, you are angels, descended from heaven to help us!!! Your meditations, voice and music are healing my soul!!! It is the greatest joy that I found your channel !!!

  13. Realy love this. have been meditation for a few years now whit the help of Micheal Sealy's chakra meditation audio which completely changed me in a good way and this is a beautiful change. just found you guys a few minutes ago but already subscribed en love it. keep doing a great job. Can you guys pls consider a separate one for thirth eye chakra because I've been kind of struggling whit that one

  14. I have listened to this every night since it came out and when I wake up I can not remember anything about it. it is truly hypnotic. along with the Charkra Cleansing Shower meditation, this is my fave and one of your best!

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