Guided Meditation | Ajahn Brahm | 8 July 2017

Believe it or not the mind is naturally still, says Ajahn Brahm. It only moves because we want something or want to get rid of something. Ajahn teaches us how to relax and be kind in order to still the mind.

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24 thoughts on “Guided Meditation | Ajahn Brahm | 8 July 2017

  1. Huhhh.. re-runs untill October. Ahh re-vision. Well.. an unreflecting mind is a poor roof. Hopefully rains retreat dosn't flood my house. Now, hopefully no one is selfish enough to die and spoil treat time for him lol. and just when was it they are initiating the hire a monk / nun service, hmmm? I ll take one of each thank you. 😆

    Ajahn, You will be sorely missed by your cyber sangha!


    Time to go and dig in that sh¿t load of fertilizer were all up to our necks in people… Mangoes are my favorite, and I will have crates this year. Whoo hoo.

    Love, The Higher Law.

  2. Buddhism is changing my life but I am struggling. I hit rock bottom and I need some guidance. Is there anyway of messaging him directly ?
    I know I'm being selfish and thousands would like the opportunity but I'm in a real real low place and guidance even just a little would help massively.

  3. …And if you are unable to meditate, then do not try at all!. Relax and breathe in awareness, knowing that when you are breathing in, you are breathing in and when you are breathing out, you are breatbing out. That's all for the time being! (Present Moment)

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