Guided Healing Inner Child Meditation-Attachment Trauma/Codependency

Guided Healing Inner Child Meditation – Attachment Trauma/Codependency

Attachment Trauma Meditation

This guided healing inner child meditation has been created to help you rewire your subconscious programming. It has been created in the vibration of love, and so expect to receive healing from it. Codependency is the result of attachment trauma; not being permitted to bond spiritually with our mothers/fathers due to their neglect, narcissism, depression and etc.

Heal dear ones–awaken to your divine self!

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21 thoughts on “Guided Healing Inner Child Meditation-Attachment Trauma/Codependency

  1. Thank you for this. My brain did need to know what happens to an innocent child's mind when the natural attachment process is disrupted. It's o.k. now. I can believe me. And it isn't my fault.

  2. these meditations are absolutelly amazing, lisa. omg…i am not crazy, and i wasn't crazy as a child, when i always felt that something was very wrong in my family, even if on the outside everything was "perfect" Thank you so much please do more meditations, you are so good at this

  3. This meditation helped me so much today. I had a surprise and unexplainable mild heart attack a week ago, (I am OKAY), but in the past few days I've been very attached to my partner and making him 'responsible' for the vast array of emotions I have been feeling following this event. This trauma has made me vulnerable and 'innocent', and therefore triggered me back to codependent behaviors stemming from not getting enough bonding , nurturing and love as a young child. I am holding him 'responsible' for how I am feeling and expecting him to make me feel better, and getting upset when he is seemingly not meeting my 'needs' at this time. In reality, he is being supportive and encouraging me subtly to keep stepping forward to resume normal, with appropriate boundaries, and this meditation reminded me I should turn to my inner guidance system/Higher Power for the self healing, nurturing I need. Thank you Lisa! We can apply this meditation in many ways in our current lives.

  4. Dear Lisa! God bless you! Im writting from Serbia and here nobody even heard of codegendency, so there is no therapy or lifecoaching i can go to, so i have to do it all alone. I wanted you to ask to do a video(s) on coparenting with nasrcissist husband. I have a toddler and im financially dependent on covert narc husband who ruined me so much i am physicaly ill. He moved to other house but comes every day to see a child. I cant earn money right now but i have to do smthng to be a healthy mom my kid deserver. PLEASE HELP!

  5. Wow thank you so much!! The tears flowed freely at the beginning and I feel extreme gratitude for your own awakening cos it sure is helping mine! I've never commented on a video before but your work is amazing. Namaste Dear One Namaste❤️❤️❤️

  6. I really would love to meet you, please let me know if you are ever in London or even just the UK, I'm sure many of us recovering would all love to say a big thank you. Your video has made me cry which is a good thing ? xxxx

  7. Just daycare to me makes kids feel rejected since they cried when the mom leaves them daily. That to me is why kids enjoy the screaming heavy metal songs.

  8. Lisa, that was beautiful! I am crying looking at the faces of all of these precious people. I am not alone! How can I give you my picture so I can be included in this wonderful tribute? Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Carol

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