Grow Hair II – Ambient Remix With Soundscape – Brainwave Meditation – Headphones Preferred

Grow Hair II (Remixed W/Ambient Soundscape)
Binaural Beats
Delta Wave 1.05Hz – 1Hz
Self-Confidence Subliminal Messages
Headphones Preferred

Grow Hair Faster
Pituitary Stimulation
Release of Growth Hormone

170 Hz – 1.05Hz 3 minutes
169 Hz – 1.05Hz 3 minutes
168 Hz – 1.05Hz 3 minutes
220 Hz – 1.05Hz 3 minutes
219 Hz – 1.05Hz 3 minutes
218 Hz – 1.04Hz 3 minutes
167 Hz – 1.03Hz 3 minutes
166 Hz – 1.02Hz 3 minutes
165 Hz – 1.01Hz 3 minutes
217 Hz – 1.00Hz 3 minutes

Subliminal Message Script used in the video.

I believe in myself, I trust myself
I love myself, I appreciate myself
My talents are in demand
I am highly skilled and I am lucky
I am great, I feel great, I feel outgoing.
I feel connected to the flow of love in my life
I let the magic flow, I let the love flow
My love attracts equal and balanced love
I am receiving love, love comes to me
I stay calm, balanced, and focused
I feel great, I love my life
Everything I’m looking for is searching for me
I achieve with ease and beyond expectation
I am very resourceful, I always use my time very efficiently
I have self-confidence
My mannerisms and my speech display confidence
I always know exactly what to say at the right time
I always have fun and a good time everywhere I go
I am very thankful for every day
I accomplished everything I set out to do
I always succeed and I always will succeed
My hair is growing fast strong and healthy
Transcending vibrations is highly effective
Transcending vibrations works.


7 thoughts on “Grow Hair II – Ambient Remix With Soundscape – Brainwave Meditation – Headphones Preferred

  1. السلام عليكم
    طبعا بعد بحث طويل جدآ ومتعب بين كل قنوات اليوتيوب التي تجاوزت مشاهدات مقاطعها ال. 80مليون لم اجد مايرضي جميع حواسي كهذه المقاطع …
    فلكم مني جزيل جزيل الشكر فعلآ انه شيء راقي ونتيجته ملموسه

    تحياتي من القلب لكم شكرجزيل🌹

  2. hey there😁,u may have adressed this in an another video,excuse me for i dont view all ur videos.could u help by answering my curious questions ?

    -how many times should u lestin to this ? you know to see actual progress.

    -i happen to have curly hair ,growth can almost never appear . my hair is long wen its straight . other wise when it dries it shrinks to mid back lenght. so question is do u happen to know an estimated amount of growth your hair could grow in a week if u listened to this everyday?

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