Grid Failure 10/12

Im not talking about the internet going down thing. This is seperate.

We have the ability to shift collective events together through our will and intent…even those programmed to manifest through the collective unconscious or collective karma.

And power failure isnt really anything to fear, may be annoying though. This is not everywhere, its collective timeline based off potential through the energy of the collective unconscious. High potential from what im seeing. It feels planned. Prepping for this.

If you are dealing w personal attacks.. energy attacks, attacks through others or through agents, AI attacks right now to create triggers/reactions
People are fighting AI in comments on social media too and getting all triggered and upset- its all manipulation to mess w your energy and distract you.
If you share info or plan on it w pure intent, ignore the haters or attackers, they’re usually the matrix system portals, clones, AI, possessed, asleep, etc…

Grid failure in diff locations, or prep incase taking place righ now. West coast. Then north West after. In that order.

Protection needed or being brought in for Assad. Dont know why and i dont know politics and dont follow it. Just seeing it clairvoyantly.
Seeing Putin, Trump, Assad.

Ishtar appearing as lady Liberty. Connected to fall of the Vatican through ritual/spell or something, dont know. Cant talk much about the Vatican other then it is being dismantled now.

White dragons came to me… but as like velvet skin w flower looking design on “skin” or fur or feathers.. cant explain it but it had my eyes. This was my white light oct 11th experience.

Im working on emails & readings so I will only be posting information that comes through over the next week or so on the channel (if things come through that are direct messages) Anyone that did not want to wait for their reading due to me having to take time out for my health from personals, please just send a payment request to the PayPal account: instead of sending request through email, my email fills up too fast from the channel i may not get it
Anyone else that has sent me an e-mail request or inquiry about a reading I am not offering any services at the moment I am only working on bookings that were made or purchased prior to me having to take several months off from personals for my health. I’m not sure if or when I will be doing personals again in the future.


30 thoughts on “Grid Failure 10/12

  1. I’ve been waking up very how do u say it…..waking up on the verge of orgasm and it’s very strange. Does this mean I’m being attacked in my dream state ? Aka incubus??

  2. Blackout here yesterday for about 4hrs in our area in the North Island of New Zealand. Also Geo Storms coming all the time I’ve noticed – it’s a KP5 right now according to Space Weather Live. Thank you ✨🙏🏼✨

  3. I had a MS flare up this last week took time off work. Today I feel really hopeless, I feel what things should be in my life but my life is drab and boring. My twin should be with me, but I keep getting the Not for you card.

  4. I had another attack this morning, the classic one you describe I don't recall experiencing it before. I could not speak, pressure on my throat, nor move, headeach and visual buzzing, mentally called the Light Armada 😂 I couldn't stop speaking once it was over (throat chakra be free😂), relief! Strange how you go back to your body like this, like turbulences on a plane. Burned incense, centering, asking information. Had to sleep again till 4pm better. 🕊️

  5. Kundalini is femine energy that's the secret to enlightenment if you master it, Tamil Nadu (India) we are the founders of yoga and Tamil is the language of Gaia

  6. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all… Information, integration, and healing are effecting the collective big time! It's such an exciting time to be alive! Namaste <3

  7. I believe I am the Sun of the Earth. I have calmed thus slowing down the trauma. I think I’ll speed up soon so be prepared. I have one last hurdle to get over and I love the energy here. @Aluna Ash, you are FANTASTIC and I love you lots ❤️ I love everyone so hang in there guys and we will win! 🌞 ☯️

  8. Last night I sort of woke up in my sleep if that is possible. Like I was sleep but awake. And there was a white grayish sort of screen in my head. It reminded me of when I was growing up in the 80's and the t.v. would stop it's programming. The station played the star spangled banner I believe and then would just go white grey and make this sound of general noise. I was literally watching this thing in my head waiting for a show to come on. It was the 1st time despite a lot of paranormal activity since I met my twin flame that perhaps there would be something tangible to had instead of random disconnected visions that I have no idea what they are about. And for many months now I have had a galaxay in my head. I notice a lot of times while trying to sleep (I am an insomniac) if I think of twin I will then see this galaxy, it's full of lights/stars. It is just like what I saw when I went to the planetarium when a kid. Anyway last night same thing saw the galaxy, I am not sure if before or after the white grey screen but also felt this presence which I have never felt before. As usual I don't know what is happening to me. It has all become the strangeness that is my life since I met my twin.

  9. Omg Aluna. On the 10th I channeled a family member.

    On the 11th, we had an intense storm and I was working on shields and felt my light body. Was wonderful to behold!

    Had a dream about Clinton the other night. It was weird.

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