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Gregg Braden is an New York Times best-selling author, researcher, educator, and lecturer.

He is known as a pioneer in bridging modern science, ancient wisdom, and human potential. He has been invited to speak in front of The United Nations, Fortune 500 companies, and the U. S. military.

His books include: The God Code, The Divine Matrix, Fractal Time, Deep Truth, Human by Design, and his latest, The New Human Story.

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00:00 Trailer.
02:50 Brian’s thoughts on the episode.
05:05 Brian’s introduction.
05:54 Why Gregg loves London.
07:00 New science refutes Darwin’s theory of human evolution, so Gregg wrote Human by Design.
16:31 Three theories of human evolution: big bang; simulated reality; a conscious intervention of DNA.
27:01 Higher being radiating the human consciousness through London Real in a rapidly changing world.
35:12 We are at pivotal crossroads of making a choice as to how much of our power we give to machines.
41:32 How far should we go, is it a mistake, has science underestimated the complexities of human nature?
51:12 The changing world of climate, economy and human conflict are driving us to examine the way we live.
55:14 Gregg’s courses help people to access neurons in the brain and heart for physical and mental well-being.
1:07:45 Different forms of therapy work for different purposes.
1:10:31 Gregg believes we have it within us to transcend anything that comes to us with our own chemistry.
1:14:22 Gregg addresses some of the social media comments following his last London Real interview.
1:21:30 Simulated reality, is there is a base reality from which other realities emit?
1:29:18 Only through our deepest hurts do we reach inside of ourselves to find a greater capacity to love.
1:36:19 Gregg’s troubled childhood and how lessons learnt from it carried into adulthood.
1:52:50 His father died at an early age having had his own philosophy in life.
2:01:44 His mother no longer knows him.
2:05:27 Why he tries to create harmony rather than balance in his life.
2:12:30 Advice to young people watching the episode.
2:16:54 Success secrets
2:17:21 Why his mother wouldn’t speak to him for two years.
2:19:44 Brian’s summing up.






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24 thoughts on “GREGG BRADEN – RAISING HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS – Part 1/2 | London Real

  1. im much too boring to be something unique and indiginous at the same time…. now if you told me im a projected objected from a distant star…. now I feel better more capable of unique abilities…. this planet is pretty but all in all it sucks….. I hope we are capable of a projected realities….. i would rather be wealthy and healthy slave too no religion or flag….

  2. maybe the senses are only the extenuating circumstances of pre-creation and we are merely probes for something more that will evolve….. its kind of boring a thought to ponder…. but i just figured i'd throw it out there…

  3. Breaking the mold and empowering humanity with forward thinking exposing the lies with Devine Truths! Very Inspiring Gregg bless you for listening to your inner calling to follow your souls journey as a star seed here on this wonderful beautiful planet "Mother Gaia" 🌎 ❤ you, Angela

  4. That means that what Nassim haramein is true too. Hé has almost 30 years speaking about thé holographic universe and thé coopération. Thé life After life, that biology, chemical and physics Can not ne separate of thé spiritual condition of the earth. That thé Space is chargée with energy. And thé mass is un extension of this energy. And thé matière does not exist. Exist thé vibration that WE CAN sera how thé solid matière

  5. why are we being distracted from opening more doors. The machine will take all unknown possibilities away. Just like deleting all the information from texts from the ancient writtings

  6. Im awaking highly and what Gregg sayin is true from my privet experiance we are so powerful humans being naturally…..i download quickly with speed of light …..hehe
    We need back to use or brane naturally not looking on this chips which one will distracts all of us….

  7. Why leave out all of the Divine Philosophy Prophet-Founders of World Faiths? "Spiritual consciousness is the generating power of human society." ~ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, The Unfoldment of Divine Civilization, Baha'i Faith

  8. I like Gregg, but I don't think nature is based on cooperation. At the most, nature is equally competitive and cooperative. Creatures need to eat. Creatures eat other creatures to survive. Creatures don't want to die and become food. Creatures also don't want to starve and lose out on resources to other, better creatures. At that base level, competition is the driving factor. To be competitive, species need to cooperate. However, Gregg discounts that reality of competition in nature. Also, Gregg asserts that we're seeing near unprecedented levels of hate and violence. This is false; just read Steven Pinker's new book. Racism and violence are at all time lows.

  9. people don't see the danger in this path of technology? only ask your self who is going to control this computer your are plug in to? this person is going to control you. all your feelings, sensations and actions. your are not longer free…

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