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Greet The Day Yoga! Set yourself up for greatness so you can be the awesome and amazing being that you are. This practice starts off slow and steady – focusing the mind as you gently warm up the body.

Stretch, strengthen and balance the energetic systems of the body to relieve stress, tension and anxiety. This yoga asks you to start where you are today – and check in with yourself – all parts! This full yoga practice uses the breath to cultivate a mindful awakening through the spine that will leave you with energy and feeling connected.

PS: Just start where you are today.

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23 thoughts on “Greet the Day Yoga – Yoga With Adriene

  1. Wow, what a deep and beautiful flow. I feel so at peace. I love the days when you just feel your spirit fall into the poses and then some! Thank you again for being our teacher and guide Adriene! You're a being of light 🙂 Namaste x x x

  2. Hi Adriene! You have been my yoga instructor for several months now and I can officially say that I am a calmer less stressed person than before. I would love to get me kids involved, they love helping me and trying DFD, cat/cow and many of the reaching poses. Would you be able to put together a yoga video for children? Please please please! I would love to have the calmness filter down into they're lives too! Many thanks in advance and for the wonderful peace you have brought to our house ❤

  3. Love this practice! I've been doing yoga with Adriene for a few months but I had not gotten up the courage to do anything longer than 20 minutes. I finally did this practice this morning and I felt so focused and still free to "find what feels good." Coming out of this practice, I felt peaceful, focused and energized for my day, and I cannot believe that was a whole 40 minutes. Starting the 31 days of yoga tomorrow and very excited for the next 31 days!

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