Goodbye Dental Implants, Grow Your Own Teeth In Just 9 Weeks

Goodbye Dental Implants, Grow Your Own Teeth In Just 9 Weeks !!

Everyone knows that there are dental implants that make our lives much easier and benefit us a lot. They are an excellent solution for filling the gap that we have to deal with after taking out a tooth or more. The professionals in the field of dentistry have made numerous discoveries and there has been a pretty amazing development in the technology of dental implants that goes far beyond the classic implants and dentures. Those discoveries and developments offer us an opportunity to grow brand new, genuine teeth in the oral cavity.

How to regenerate teeth in oral cavity:

A research was conducted by the Columbia University with Dr. Jeremy Mao as the lead investigator and something incredible was discovered. Dr. Jeremy Mao has made a scaffold for teeth which contains the stem cells in the body. Using their DNA, he succeeded in regenerating new teeth. This discovery of the modern technology promises a bright future when it comes to dental care.

Possible problems with dental implants:

As we mentioned previously, the dental implants are a pretty easy and efficient way to replace one or more teeth we have lost. However, no matter how good replacement they are, it is possible that they can lead to certain issues and complications.

These complications are the commonest ones that implants can cause:

 it is possible that the body rejects the dental implants
 the dental implants are pretty expensive
 they can cause infections and you will need to remove them afterwards
 you might end up with gum damage if your dentist does not have enough experience with dental implants
 the dental implants may connect with the jawbone badly

These are the most common dental implant complications that indicate that in case that something goes wrong, you may end up with pain and discouragement and loss of money and time.

Regenerating your teeth – Benefits:

Do you think that there is a way thanks to which you will avoid the long, painful process of extracting the teeth? Well, the answer is – yes, as the modern technology gives us a chance to grow our own teeth in nine weeks only. This process takes nine weeks exactly. It is a device that needs to be placed on the missing tooth area and accepted by the body.

This implant method is especially excellent because it uses good materials as a replacement for the missing tooth or teeth. Simply put, stem cells from your own body are used for replacing the missing tooth. Then, the tooth becomes one with the surrounding tissue. It is that simple. This will enhance the process of regeneration and it will result in pretty quick recovery.

This news are excellent, promising and provide a new hope especially to those who are missing a tooth or more teeth. If you liked this Video, please share it with your family and friends.


38 thoughts on “Goodbye Dental Implants, Grow Your Own Teeth In Just 9 Weeks

  1. Have they bitten off more than they can chew with these claims,or are they on the cusp of something new.if not we are to know the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth and something to get your teeth into.I myself have dentures and succeeded throughout .

  2. How can I get this.or one thing actually recently I was removed my one teeth for cavities problem and I'm feeling very sed for my own teeth so if it's work on gum to regrow my own teeth I buy please tell me

  3. some of the information you have provides in other videos has been good or at least informative, but this has been by far the most stupid video you have made, no real info, no documents, no links, nathing you provide here has any credibility, shame on you

  4. I cannot believe how many views this has,fact,you cannot re grow teeth once you're adult teeth have grown out,not possible,guys,don't listen,don't be live that you ca regrow teeth,this is false and misleading information.

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  7. oh wow, another 4min. video that some guy made that likes to sound smart without giving any useful information other than what they herd, and using a few big words with correct grammar. shocking lol.

  8. My wife has had epilepsy since she was 9 months old and the medicine they give her to maintain the seizures, Kepra, if she skips a day, she will start having them again, has caused her to lose ALL her teeth. We couldn't afford to buy her implants because false teeth are considered "cosmetic" and not a necessity so they are not covered by dental insurance. Seeing this video about being able to regrow teeth got me excited for her as she has gotten VERY depressed since she needed to have the last of them pulled due to the pain of decay from the Kepra. When the video ended without showing a way to get this done, I had already forwarded this video to her and my heart BROKE! I know how sad she is with the pain of going through the looks from others and her feelings of humility for no reason of her own causing. It shouldn't bother her in my opinion but it did. I want to know.. WHERE… can this be done… can it get done.. can I find a number to call to help my wife? What would it cost? I want to make sure I will start putting money aside for it as I am on disability but she needs teeth badly. I will sacrifice something for them

  9. I think I heard my dentist say 10-13K to redo my caps. I'll wear some snap ons until the stem cells come along. Oh, What's the PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE?

  10. Oh yes just go into a dentist,and ask for stem cell treatment,you can hardly get an appointment,
    only way is if your in agony,even then,fillings they are not great at that,never mind what they are telling us.
    I will get my doctor to do stem cell treatment,no problem new nashers in a week would put
    Dracula out of a job .

  11. It is so good but you did not tell us "whome or where to contect for New Teeth " so please help me send the location and Dentist or person information to contact him or her. Please reply me on email is "" more info. to connect .

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