Global Meditation Earth and Water August 31 – September 01. 2013

Handbill, (recommendation) to heal The Waters AND Soil

This is what YOU can do to make the Water – Soil – Meditation a success:

You can start the meditation at the time of your discretion within the scheduled timeframe.
Prepare a calm place where disturbance it is not likely and you and your intention for cleaning Waters and Earth’s soil can dwell and evolve. (Just for the case interference occurs, just try to hold the energy and the space and then return to the moment of interruption to continue your session). (I noticed that more than two interruptions causing the loss of the flow of energy)

1. Create a space

2. Ground from the Divine Center located close to your heart where is Divine Sparkle up to Grand Central Sun

3. Anchor from the same point down into the centre of Earth

4. Visualize lines of connection and envision of energy flow through your body from Grand Central Sun down into Earth Center and expand the same from the Center of Earth.
Sense the flow of energy.
Extend those ‘Lines of Connection’ – so you will detect that you are within ‘Energetic Tubes’.
That is the both: Source of balanced energy and full protection.

5. Call upon your Higher Self, God, Guidance and all whom you feel like to act in concert.
(for us it will be: calling upon the Divine Team, upon Higher Selves of Spiritual Healers and all who are doing Earth and Water Healing and wish to participate, your ancestors, Healers from specially assigned groups from other Dimensions and/or Universe who are affiliated with the assignment of Healing Earth, watching Fukushima, Spirit of the Earth, Spirits of the Water and all other High Spirits of The Four Directions.

6. Call upon your Higher Self and ask that those who are intending to participate have lit a candle and if not, lit for them in your imagination.

7. Greet from your heart those who came. At that stage each of your words will be heard.

8. Imagine our planet. Imagine standing on the top center.
If you want place everyone equally around the Earth. There will be many because others will join us after our invocation.

9. At that point you can invite Crystal Children and greet them – there is no need to explain what to do – however you may ask them to assist in our cleansing work of Waters and Earth’s ground to make pristine what is pollutes, including radiation;
They know… you may only watch.
They follow necessities from different levels and often something of the kind may be a lesson for us.
(They usually come to me) – so greet them and tell that we are working on cleansing of Waters and Earth crust from everything that is not of pristine, including radiation.

10. Mentally, ask permission from Earth to work specifically on Waters and assist Her.
Ask to bring prerequisites and allow energy to flow required for cleaning.
You will see that this energy will be lifted over the planet, stands alone, hovering.
The reason why this energy is not immediately applied is simple as we cannot work on everything in one time, only layer by layer, step by step.
That is why it is essential to repeat sessions more often and so put a focus on the cleansing.

11. You can easily visualize cleansing from dark and sticky to pure.

12. You will intuitively know when the event will be finished: The intense flow of energy will disappear.

13. Just need to say Thank you to all: Participants and from Divine spheres, especially to Crystal Children. They really like such work.

14. The event is successfully completed.

Exhausted now ?

Additional remarks
1. If do not wish or cannot perform the global meditation for any reason – you may ask your Higher Self to join and ask to lit your ‘etheric candle’
2. If you wish to participate but not in time – create intent to join the event and (so) start meditation.
3. Although on the surface, water usually looks clean – it is not necessary pure due to dissolved impurity.
In our process we perceive impurities as dark; and watch how the dark disappears.
As a result, that is by the process of healing and blessings.
4. Send the Waters and Earth Crust energy of thoughts: HEALTH, or BLESS, or 528Hz… or all together.
5. Only the positive intention arisen from your heart counts – namely to heal the Waters And Soil of Planet Earth.


Video Production by SiNeh~
Music: Freemusic at
Credits Motion Pictures belong to Motion Pictures
P.S. The video can also be used anytime for a relaxing meditation and I as producer don’t claim copyrights. Please feel free to copy and upload it for your needs and share it with others.


4 thoughts on “Global Meditation Earth and Water August 31 – September 01. 2013

  1. Thank you dear Roberto~
    It's a long time we havent "seen" us…
    Hope you're well my Brother!
    In case you would like to see the whole post google for

    Global Meditation Earth and Water August 31 – September 01. 2013

    Copy paste in google and I think you will find it somewhere 🙂
    Hugs and much love
    SiNeh~, Peter

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