Ghosts | Criminal Group People Danger | Cruel to the World and World Peace | Svpso Org video

GHOSTS,Cruel,Criminal Group People are most danger to the World & Word peace !

//Ghosts Leadres/Criminals/Cruel Ppl, Ghosts spoiling the Agriculture animals,Agrcl system, imp Structures, innocent-soft,best group Ppl,& They spoil the Nation & World peace because
they are ghosts & their policy,life system is totally fake ,wrong, no standard & reverse ,most danger,harmful to the World people //!

*Yo just live in ghosts areas for 6 months,
secretly listen,observe their talks,words,
works etc all ,their unity,plan is most harmful to the best,soft,cool group people, Agrcl animals, &Agrcl sector ! So, do not beg their vote, Nation safety, & World peace important ! Their every work is a big head ache to the Nation & World .

* They are enjoying & staying in Hindusthan/India, But, the ghosts are supporting Pakistan,
etc enemy countries & causing harm to Bharat & World public !

*Without Hindus help, there is no Wok, any business, jobs etc to the Ghosts group people in India ! But, they try to dominate on best group ppl ! Some fake Hindu leaders spent too much Hindus public funds for votes for ghosts people, they constructing ghosts centers, etc, increasing intentional strength etc many wrong-reverse activities !

*Ex.Telangana area, in HYD,MLG,MLG, etc many palces ,ghosts are Outraging on Hindus by forming groups ! #Hindus are cursing fake Hindu leadres who are Supporting ghosts for votes ! All beef industries,beef shops etc must be banned in TS,SP,all states of India to save #World Ppl !

*Without Hindus,Hindusthan there is no World ! Hindusthan/Bharat/India is the base for the Whole World ! The Bharat enemy is the World Enemy ! You know,we know,all know,the World knows it !

*Hinduism is not a caste, it’s a best Group People ! They are true persons, cool,soft,God fear ppl, helpful,but very dare, their policy is straight, true life policy,true god’s policy, strong, useful to the whole World ! That’s why the maximum best/good World people will like the Hindus !

*The State Govt has to take strong,very strong,very very strong, most strong action against the Ghosts Leadres first ! If State Govt(Sub king rule!) unable to take action for any reason , then the Central Govt(king rule!) can take action !

The Central Govt has full powers,such as army force,weapons,CBI CBCID,,other central forces etc many & full powers, they can take action against any criminals/ GHOSTS/cruel people for World peace !

Now many Ghosts are hiding in Cities, towns, forests,& some times hiding in their fake god’s prayer halls,where they cut bulls,cows,Buffaloes & eat big animals with too much alcohol, they some times hide in forests, they come with female cloths & some times in police dress & or in army dress, etc ,or come & in their Religion dress, became a big head ache to all the World people !

*They are Ashuras/Rakshas/Ghosts/very cruel people ! Becoming brainless persons, reason is eating beef,cow meat,buffaloes meat etc,drinking alcohol toomu have,& enjoying with illegal money, do not do Agriculture activities, they hate best policy, total fake & wrong policy , select any easy money job/work/ easy task etc ! daily hate,cows,bulls,Hindus,Hindu gods, Hindu temples, Hindu policy, they keep bombs,
blast,kill all religion Ppl & finally kill their own group people as they are ghosts & brain less ppl !
#Brain less ppl eat Buffaloes (kids,cows,human etc)!
*Brain less Ppl/persons eat bulls !

*Now all parties,except ghosts party, are Lord Sri Ram ! and God Hanuman ! to come and eliminate ghosts for World peace ! The Lord Sri Ram in treta yug eliminated all ghosts , those some ghosts now reborn as criminal humans & staying in cities(2 big Crl/cruel ghosts in HYD now)& many in towns,cities(village small ghosts secretly support big ghosts) to harm common,
innocent,soft,best People & best Policy !

* Lord Sri ram had/has shown model Admn to the world ppl how to rule & how to eliminate ghosts & ghosts LEADERS & gone to the HEAVEN after all the god’s journey was over !
*Now the king/sub kings have to take action against the ghosts for World peace ! Action needed to take on Ghosts Leadres/criminals & their supporters, all weapons of ghosts(even knife etc) to be recovered !

*Note:- Never believe Ghosts group Ppl ! Never make friend ship with them for any reason, or for any votes ! Nation,& World peace imp ! Ghosts, ghosts group is not imp, this group is burden to the mother earth !
*VIPs,Politician,Imp persons must be careful wherever they go & Ppl must be careful & all must be United , especially all Hindus must be United, to eliminate ghosts/criminals/cruel ppl ! Take Care of all important projects ,temples,& public places etc all(main ghosts Leadres are in Hyd,Bombay,Pak,Delhi etc,cities ,their speech is most hate ful & danger to World peace ! They are spoiling the whole World Agrcl animals,Agrcl Activity, & World #peace !


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