Get In The Zone State – for Gamers, Sports, Artists – Isochronic Tones, Ambient

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Get In the Zone – Experience The ‘Flow’ – (for Gamers, Sports Performance, Artists) Isochronic Tones

1. The session begins with the isochronic tones stimulating your brainwaves into a relaxed 10Hz Alpha state.

2. It does this for the first 9 minutes or so, then quickly switches tempo up to 20Hz.

3. Then at the 15 minute mark it ramps up sharply to an even higher Beta state of 35Hz – where you enter the zone and become in the flow.


Headphones are not required for this particular session, as long as you can clearly hear the Isochronic Tones behind the music track. But, if you can use headphones, I always recommend it. When you use headphones it helps to block out any peripheral sound in the room, and I personally find the entrainment experience to be more powerful when using them.

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45 thoughts on “Get In The Zone State – for Gamers, Sports, Artists – Isochronic Tones, Ambient

  1. I remember entering the flow when i was 13 i ran 50 meters in 2.89 seconds i passed by some kid and he litereally flew away because of the wind i created everything was in slow motion and my friends thought i was the flash i couldnt enter the flow after that

  2. I am a trader, looking for wave to help high focus in the now moment without listening to all pass believes or future projections from fear or anxiety.

    Will this help while trading watching chart and stay in now moment which is what is current presenting from the market so I can find opportunities present from the moment now.

  3. this phenomenon has been occurring with me for the past month where i can see everything slow down and i speed up, now idk if this is this is what u call the "zone" but it makes my judgement and strategising skills worlds apart from what they normally are. i experienced it today when playing basketball where my feet would feel lie theyre floating and i would pass by the guard in 1 second flat and either go for a three or a dunk.

  4. Once, I got in the flow while playing Counter Strike Source. I would have superior reflexes compared to all of my enemies and I would literally jump over them, firing my rifle into their heads.

  5. I'm a good basketball player already. I can shoot, find my own shot, shoot off the dribble, find players, and I have a high IQ for the game. But there are sporadic moments where I enter the zone. It's crazy. I literally don't miss, my form doesn't even need to be the same as it usually is, I don't need much room to shoot over you, and everything that I shoot just hits nothing but net. The other thing is I get in such an unstoppable Rhythm when I find my zone. I start playing with such confidence and I can see the fear in my opponents eyes. Being in the zone is one of the most fantastic experiences ever. Everything comes together and makes sense, and it feels like not even God himself could stop you in that moment

  6. Yoooo, I was in the zone rn when I was playing Battlefield 1!! I was going off on a crazy ass kill streak. I was killing a bunch of enemies, but I wasn't even concious about it. It's like my fingers had a mind of their own. I was in a way looking at myself dominate them. Once I started realizing that I was in the zone, my focus went away and I got killed. Does anyone else have experiences similar to this? I've had this experience while boxing too, but this was wayyyy more surreal.

  7. Hey ! I got a question, are you allowed to hear other sounds? Such as gun shots in for example Counter Strike Global Offensive or car noises? Am I only allowed to hear this?

  8. imma try this… i havent been able to be in the zone for more than 3 weeks…. and im seriously missing it…that feeling when every shot goes in

  9. Is this song only works for once ? For example i listen it when i play basketball, first 10 min warm up and 10 minute strenght. after that 20 min I should enter the zone if everything goes well. but after 2 days if i listen this again will it still work ?

  10. Should I listen to this full song once? Or should I listen to this music everytime while play computer games like DOTA or sports like basketball? Or should I listen to this BEFORE I start an activity?

  11. If you success entering you're zone you'll feel that your heart is not pounding i've been entering the zone every afternoon and i dont know why and everytime im in that zone i feel nothing but the flow in rhythm i can do anything that i imagine thanks to this i can concentrate more in basketball and league of legends

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