Get Higher Self Esteem – Subliminal Visualization Video & Manifestation Movie

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You know when you’re feeling “in the zone”, when things just seem to work out for you no matter what? You remember how it feels to just “know” things are going to work out for you, and that people will respect you, or want you no matter what? Those feelings are because of Self Esteem, which leads to Confidence, which leads to that unstoppable feeling. This subliminal video uses binaural beats to enhance a meditation state of mind, and SPOKEN subliminal commands that will work together to program your mind to feel and display SELF ESTEEM. Some of the subliminal commands embedded in this video and soundtrack include:

By loving yourself, you allow others to love you as well.
Every day you appreciate yourself more and more.
Every day it becomes easier for you to love yourself.
Everyone you come into contact with appreciates you for the person you are.
Feeling appreciated is one of the top priorities in your life, and you practice this feeling every day.
You accept yourself for who you truly are, and give yourself permission to grow beyond this.
You acknowledge all you have accomplished and are proud of your achievements.
You add value to other people lives.
You are a beautiful person.
You are a good person just as You are.
You are a magnificent, radiant being.
You are a star in the making.
You are a talented human being and your skills are greatly appreciated.
You are a truly remarkable human being.
You are a unique and special individual, unlike any other on earth.
You are a unique individual and proud to be so.
You are a valuable human being.
…and HUNDREDS more like that.


33 thoughts on “Get Higher Self Esteem – Subliminal Visualization Video & Manifestation Movie

  1. Can you listen to this with earbuds? Can you listen to this when you are doing homework and when there's noise in the background? Approximately when will I see results from this? 2 weeks ?

  2. Absolutely astounding Hi Def videography….I watch this for the  tranquil sound of music. It takes my away from my current situation in life to a place where I'm in control. Thanks for the Video Sir or Mam.

  3. Sounds like a great subliminal, but I believe all the "You" in the messages need to be changed to "I" for it to be most powerful. In any case, great job and thanks!

  4. IGM, I'd like to know what your background is in this field.  What studies have you done with groups of people to test and improve your methods? This seems to work very well for me, but I'd like to know how much I should listen to this, and what time of day, (or night).  Any specific info would help. Thanks, T.B.

  5. This is a classic subliminal video, and I cannot tell you one thing this nice lady is whispering, but boy, what a hell of a change in attitude!  I look everyone dead in the eye, and all my thoughts are positive.  I don't give up when a task is before me, but continue with dogged persistence until I get er done!  Wonderful video!

  6. OMG! Try equalising the pressure in your ears while listening to this! You can play notes in your head!!!
    Block your nose and blow like you are underwater.
    Try it!!!

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