Get Healthy and Strong: Weight Loss Help Guided Meditation & Sleep Hypnosis

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Being in tune with yourself is the first step towards a healthy body, weight, mind and spirit. And if you have been struggling with your weight and self-esteem, this guided meditation and sleep hypnosis focuses on self-love and nourishment. Too often, the longing for a healthy body brings regimes and extremes that deprive us of happiness and balance as much and over-indulging will. By connecting with your deepest self, you can retrain your mind to seek nourishment, self-love, and a healthier lifestyle.

Bathed in the Light – Calming by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Michelle’s Sanctuary is a place where you may enjoy high quality Guided Meditation videos completely FREE with a focus on hypnotic stories, sleep hypnosis, manifestations, and dealing with life’s challenges.

This channel was started with the intention of helping others find balance, a good night’s rest, and stay aligned with aspirations and goals in life. We are all part of this human existence together and the more than we become mindful individuals, the better we make this world and our personal experiences in this world.

Having firsthand experience with anxiety, insomnia, and a strong desire to connect with my higher self and live my best life, I have tailored these meditations in ways that I have personally found helpful.

This channel is not a replacement for consultations with a doctor or medical professional but can help you find more balance and a healing night’s sleep. I always welcome comments, feedback & suggestions.

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7 thoughts on “Get Healthy and Strong: Weight Loss Help Guided Meditation & Sleep Hypnosis

  1. This is great. Thank you for all your videos (and artwork). They are unique in all of YouTube. One question: at 12:15 is there a word missing? It sounds like you are saying "Harm is there in believeing the very best of possibilities." Thanks again!

  2. Thank you! Even though I only got to hear the first 10minutes lol this was nice. I have trouble sleeping and this helped me fall asleep. I still wake up several times a night. Your voice is soothing!

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