GET Feminine Thin and Toned Body | Subliminal Affirmations Meditation

GET Feminine Thin and Toned Body | Subliminal Affirmations Meditation
Some of the Subliminal Messages are as follows: I possess a perfect body shape.
I maintain a healthy diet for my body.
I look like a Victoria’s Secret model.
I have the body of a model.
I possess the beauty of a model.
I am attractive as a model.
I do intense workout for my body.
I achieve perfect body structure.
I release excess fat from my system.
My body deposit all necessary fat to required places only.
People gat mesmerid on seeing me.
My skin is tight and firm.
I have the perfect shape.
I visualize myself as a model.
I have the divine right to be a model.
I manifest the power to control my body.
I open up to any training regime.
My body accepts any training regime.
I can follow any training routine and maintain my shape.
I am capable of tranforming my body.
I am entitled to a perfect body.
I possess a petite body.
I am slender and thin.
My body says yes to any exercise.
I am grateful to my body.
I possess capabilities of changing my body.
I am responsible for changes in my body.
I intend to achieve perfect body size.
I rejoice my slender petite body
I now accomplish all goals faster.
I now allow all changes into my life.
I am now focused at achieving a lean body.
I possess slender curvy hourglass shaped body.
My body is perfect with very low body fat.
I am voluptuous.
I possess a slender waist.
I am extremely gorgeous.
My body is absolutely beautiful.
My body is well-defined.
My entire body is the pinnacle of perfection.
My entire body is slender toned.
My breasts are voluptuous.
My neck and shoulders are extremly sexy.
My butt is so sexy.
My skin is vibrant.
My body skin is perfectly radiant.
My body stays thin no matter what I eat.
I possess youthfulness of a Victoria’s Secret model.
I have a extremely attractive feminine body.
My body is incredibly slender and thin.

Listening Instruction: Listen to the audio sound for at least once or more a day while meditating or visualizing the changes you want to achieve. It is important to Visualize the desired changes for the 1st 10 to 15 minutes after that play the recording in loop and you may even fall asleep to it. It takes about 4 – 24 weeks for you to see the result. Remain dedicated, have faith / belief and do not loose hope. If you believe you can you will.

Watching visuals are not important but is highly recommended to watch subliminal videos at least once a week.
We help develop powerful changes using Subliminal Affirmations, Binaural Beats, Meditation Music, Hypnosis, Subliminal Messages, Meditation Induction techniques and the power of spiritual frequencies that assist to boost your mind power. Our Recording can be used to induce strong visualization to enhance the effect of mind to produced mind boggling supernatural results.


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