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Energy Exchanges and Payments for Personal Services –
Search chelseamccune777@gmail.com on PayPal
Send Via Venmo: https://venmo.com/chelsea_christ_incarnate

Email address for contact: chelseachristincarnate@gmail.com

Prophetic Personal Services! PRICES ARE FLEXIBLE (email for details)
Healing Reiki Session
Tarot/Oracle Card Reading
Single Card Clarification (Written Message through email with picture of card) $4
15 Minute Session (either service) $11
30 Minute Session (either service) $22
60 Minute Session (either service) $44

For a personal reading, feel free to give some background information to your concern or question as well as the birthdays of yourself and anyone involved (time or location not required). You can also keep it general and keep your information private.
Reading topics can include: dream interpretations, love life, spiritual life, soulmate or twin flame connections, personal hardships and aspirations, life purpose, clarification on experiencing fulfillment, insight on interpersonal human bonds of any kind, and while many ask about career, we will always get to the core of you so you can co-create your career. As long as you are open to a channeled message, the possibilities for insight are endless!
You will receive a privately shared audio file with pictures of your cards through email from my google drive (you do not need a gmail account to access your link) which you then download onto a device for guaranteed future use.
Please allow 72 hours to receive your reading to the email used for your query.
Any money received through Paypal WITHOUT AN EMAIL OR NOTE FOR INSTRUCTION will be considered an Energy Exchange Donation until the giver inquires about the service not yet provided.

What to Expect from a Psychic Reiki Session with Chelsea:

Reiki is not a replacement therapy for mental, physical, or emotional conditions. Keep in touch with any current practitioners, medical and otherwise, about the addition to Reiki Healing to your caretaking regiment to note any possible changes that might require a shift in your care, such as doses to medicine, to accommodate the possible physical ripple effects of your changing energy.
After you purchase your time frame, allow 72 hours to receive your guided meditation, which you can listen to with gentle background music of your choosing if you like. Your prophet “uploads” an energy shift while recording the process on an audio file for you to “download” at your leisure. All that’s needed of the client is a willingness to receive the changes in your energy. The guided meditation is useful to the client’s ego, and will have many channeled messages about your energetic state/your life in general.

*Services for “Entertainment Value Only” as life is a game!
*Chelsea Christ Incarnate is under no obligation to refund


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