Full Moon in Aries Meditation

Full Moon in Aries Meditation:
The Full Moon is a great time to set your intent.
*New insight
*New Ideas
*Clear your mind-outlines to master your goals from the Divine

Full Moon meditation is based on old practices and esoteric philosophy teachings.

We are connected to the moon?!!!

Biological Connection: The theory that we are biological connected to the moon. The human body, the moon and all life structure as an interconnected electromagnetic toroidal field that surrounds us.

The moon is known to affect the contain of water in the human body and the tides of the ocean at the time of the full moon. As humans are made up of 65% salt water and the moon as an effect on the tides of the moon. The esoteric community has always found the connection between humans emotions at the time of the full moon.

Why is it important to meditation & set life purpose goals when needed?

At the time of the Full Moon your emotions can be up or down depending on how you have been living between the moon phases.
If you did not set your intentions or in other words focused on getting things done at the time of the New Moon consciously or subconsciously, you may feel remorseful closer and on the Full Moon.

The New Moon is a time to plant your intent, set your goals.
When it is the Full Moon, you will feel like celebrating or handle the pull of the moon in a more favorable way.


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