Frequency of 444Hz to deaden a cancer cell

Is it a miracle? Cancer treatment 444Hz

A miraculous frequency that the frequency of 400-480Hz does not have an influence on the normal cell, but destroys only a cancer cell.

I chose the frequency of 444Hz of the inside newly this time.

The cancer cell which was made to vibrate by this frequency begins to be out of order by resonance effect, and it destroys it without being able to maintain the structure before long.

I assign vibration to an affected part and destroy it. Cancer is destroyed by drinking of the vibration water at the same time, and the cell is exhausted to the outside the body.

It is thought that the cancer cell can be destroyed by these two effects.

It is said that cancer perishes when I take emission for 20 minutes.

As for the big volume, the body whole body has an effect, but uses head Horne if I think just before a neighborhood.

The person who is not a cancer recommends this as the prophylaxis once. 

Cancer came killing humanity. But now humanity, must be out to counterattack to kill cancer cells!
Videos put the frequency of cancer treatment for 444Hz. And recorded 20 minutes.

Uterine cancer and healthy cells were placed in a Petri dish. When simultaneously emit sound waves thereto, only the cancer cells result in a change.
256 Hertz cancer cells went growth in, and continue to increase the sound by raising the frequency, contrary to round small becomes color changed to pink from red. In addition Increasing the frequency of the sound to the 400-480 hertz, surprisingly, cancer cells had collapsed puffy and not withstand the sound.
Although this is due to the collaboration with the French composer file Vian-Maman and biologist Helene Gurimaru, and the body of the cancer cells are rely on this frequency of 20 minutes or more, that would almost killed.

The sound was vibrated (approximately 10 seconds) or water drinking, Pa if by addressed to the affected area for at bring diarrhea, have stomach and intestines, or suspected of a cancer in the internal. This is because, since the cancer cells are destroyed, is it because acts acts to discharge the body.

When cool the body’s immune cells is reduced. Therefore drinking in the hot water instead of water. At the same, it is better to refrain from tea and sugar that has the effect of cooling the body. In addition, it may be referred to this as the coffee in the reverse there is a preventive effect of cancer recently, so came found drinking in combination here.

If the cold body by vibrating the body came to become warm, it effect came out evidence.
Basically done as close to the speaker to the affected area, but those who cancer cells had metastasized to the head, listen to many times in the head horn. The vibration water was made by applying a 444Hz flowing from the speakers at night and pot, drink and made more than 100 days. Although the cancer cells can be killed in a short time, it takes at least 100 days in order to eliminate it all outside.
Vibration is not obtained water is not only cancer treatment, it is a good idea if you take every day as a healthy water because it delicious.

※ This may not heal even heal illness, it will be the thing variously troublesome, even if there is a question, a comment I will refrain.

※ 444Hz it can also be used as a tuning of the instrument relative to the. However, since there is that piano that cut – too Hari string of high-frequency, it may be better to have kept to up to per 442Hz.

Thank you for giving me a look at the video ※. Cheer Click Good click and channel registration, please.

Po wystawieniu na działanie dźwięku 444Hz do raka dotkniętych rakiem obszaru umrze.
Dźwięk 528Hz naprawi zniszczone komórki.
Gdy napój pozostawiono do drgań wodę 528Hz i zniszczone komórki nowotworowe są usuwane z organizmu.

Ketika terkena suara 444Hz kanker terkena kanker daerah akan mati.
Suara 528Hz akan memperbaiki sel-sel rusak.
Ketika minuman diizinkan untuk bergetar air pada 528Hz, dan sel-sel kanker menghancurkan dieliminasi dari tubuh.

При воздействии на звук 444Hz к раке влияния рака области будет умирать.
Звук 528Hz отремонтируют разрушенные клетки.
Когда напиток давал вибрировать воду в 528Hz, и разрушенные раковые клетки выводятся из организма.

Wenn zu den Klängen von 444Hz zu Krebs betroffenen Bereich Krebs ausgesetzt wird sterben.
Der Klang von 528hz werden die zerstörten Zellen reparieren.
Wann wurde das Getränk zu vibrieren Wasser bei 528hz erlaubt, und die zerstörten Krebszellen aus dem Körper eliminiert.

عندما يتعرض لصوت 444Hz إلى السرطان المصاب بالسرطان منطقة سوف يموت.
وصوت 528Hz إصلاح الخلايا المدمرة.
عندما سمح للشرب ليهتز الماء في 528Hz، ويتم القضاء على الخلايا السرطانية دمرت من الجسم.


49 thoughts on “Frequency of 444Hz to deaden a cancer cell

  1. Kono bideo wo doumo arigatou gozaimashita. Eigo ga totemo wakarinikukute, zannen ni omoimasu. Sekaijuu ironna hitotachi ga kono taisetsu na bideo wo tsukaeru you ni, igirisujin ka amerikajin ni yakushite moratte kudasai! Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu.

  2. I have testicular cancer. I have been raw vegan/ practically fruitarian for about 6 months now. This was the time of diagnosis. I am eating herbs also. I have lost over 50lbs. I got two ultra sounds in this time frame but the tumor is still growing. I will try listening to this maybe it will help. Thank you for the post. I just want to get better.

  3. Hi My Name is Jeff and have both Bladder and lung cancer, I would like to Thank You from my Heart for posting this and I most certainly am putting it to use.  I understand that by posting you put yourself out to criticism, Please try to remember that many of our most Gifted Educators were ridiculed for what they knew to be right.. Isaac Newton, Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, even Michelle Nostradamus  and more ..had these people said what they really thought they would have been invited to dinner by the Church and they would have been on the menu.  (Please don't take this out of context, I do believe in God and More) just my take on it.  I admire your courage and Please Continue your research and postings.BlessingsJeff

  4. I think there is enough people that seem to support this video in the comments…. I would love to know the numbers that truely will try to use jsut this to beat cancer…. maybe just maybe it works but you will need this and all the greatest science we have to beat cancer. You all hate big Pharma but there are lots of very very smart people working very hard to beat this cunt of a disease

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  6. For added benefit I place a glass of pure water near the sound. The molecules in the water absorb the vibration. I then drink it. Make sure you use a glass container.

  7. Give medical evidence backed up by institutions, or gtfo. Also I'm aware big pharma doesn't benefit from cured cancer patients, so even if this is true, it probably won't be publicized as such any time soon.

  8. It would be helpful to have this translated so it makes sense in English. The translator program you used does not translate what you posted in the video correctly into any meaningful English. Thank you.

  9. Using the Frequency for my dog. It is nice someone from another country posted this frequency in english to the best of their abilities. Hard to understand why people have the nerve to complain, they could have just kept it in their own language. Appreciate others, NOT the 1st word that come out of your mouth is a complaint. That is WHY some probably have issues in their life in the first place. We create our own sickness and stress with negativity and not seeing the positive aspect of things.

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  11. Hoy empece a hacer la aplicación y a utilizar el agua en un vaso expuesta a los auriculares … no quise el diagnóstico médico lo siento y me basta; venía con las Frecuencias Rife hace un mes y ahora siento que esto será la cura e iré publicando como me voy sintiendo … Gracias por tanta ayuda y Amor.!!!

  12. There's been a considerable resurgence in discussion of the God frequency (444Hz) and how it's been tampered with to the now-standard concert tuning of 440Hz. Seems like there is something to it.
    Friends, be careful of binaural beats, though. Read into both sides (pros and cons) before delving too far into binaurals.
    Thanks for posting. It was the only pure 444Hz tone I could find on YouTube.

  13. I found it hard to listen to at first, then I got used to it, attempting to match my voice pitch to it humming for short periods. Then after 11 minutes I realized the tone is a lot like the constant buzzing in my head from tinnitus that I have 24/7. I think I like it.

  14. 444 is an angel number – angels are related to the angles of the sun and reiki – so this makes sense to me. It's very powerful and strong. I'd say cancer has no chance against this. Well done. Share the love.

  15. What does it mean if I absolutely CANNOT listen to this ?  It causes severe pain in the top of my head, across my brow and behind my eyes. It only takes 3 to 5 seconds, and stops immediately when I turn it off. Anyone else ?

  16. Just can't make sense out of sentences. Can you redo with better English? I saw something like this 25 years ago where this lady looked at a Polaroid photo of someone (fully clothed) and could diagnose from it. She then would set the frequency and duration to heal them of almost any disease

  17. to those making immature comments about someone else knowing english well to post this…. how about thankfulness that they did post this and have the heart to help and read and understand in love

  18. This one is very powerful. I have tried a few anti-cancer frequencies and they are all good, but this one gets results. I have several skin tumors that have almost disappeared with this one. I now do it once a week as a prophylactic. If that sounds strange, read Jim Marr's book: Population Control.

  19. Can you get someone to translate the writing in the info box into American English ? Looks to have some good info in it if we could understand it. Looks like someone just took a dictionary and looked up word by word translation but that only gives the main meaning and not all the variables to fit into a real sentence.

  20. Whiskey listening to this i visualised that i was loved. Inopened My eyes and saw a beautiful light moving/floating around me. I couldnt keep My eyes porens because the light was so strong. I am in a dark room. It is morning. And i feel refreshed.

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