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Hi everyone. I’m Mihaela Tarot. I pull one card reading for today. It may not resonate with all of you but that is ok it doesn’t have to resonate. As you can see the card is the Judgement which means you need taking responsibility for your actions and your life, being a good judge of character, seeing the truth and knowing what you want. Judgment card often shows up when you need to step up and be a leader, speaking the truth and being more assertive.
Judgment often shows up in a reading when the seeker has made an important decision. Judgment is telling the seeker to trust in their decisions and to have faith in their abilities.
In a love reading, Judgement tarot card describes a relationship that nearly ended, only to be revived in the last minute. Judgment can mean the couple needs to appreciate each other more. If the Seeker is single Judgement speaks of finding love through fulfilling your calling in life. Someone will fall in love with your leadership qualities.
Judgment speaks of healing emotionally after disappointments and setbacks. There are emotional triggers that have bun buried deep since childhood, and old wounds are often re-opened again. The Seeker will have an opportunity to heal old wounds and have a new beginning where they will be able to love again.
If you are asking what someone is feeling about you, Judgement can mean the person is very afraid to open up to love, and it will take time to get close to the person. You could feel the person is judging you unfairly, and they are often testing your boundaries.
Judgment tarot card is someone who is very assertive and who enjoys being the one in charge. They know what they want and how to get it and they are an excellent judgment of characters. If something is out of their control they feel quite uneasy about it. Judgment is someone concerned with the long-term future of human existence. They are great leaders and full of courage. Judgment people are quite good at getting what they want, even if some manipulation is needed. Deep down they have a calling, but they are not always listening to it. As soon as they accept their life purpose, they blossom into someone with great clarity. They often start a completely new direction later in life. Their challenge is to break free from recurring patterns and behaviors holding them back.

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