Fluoride, Third Eye and the Conspiracy Against Humanity

In this short video ‘Fluoride, Third Eye and the Conspiracy Against Humanity’ taken from the second day of Inner Awakening in Varanasi on 27 June 2016, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains how fluoride creates an energy blockage in our third eye, the ajna chakra, because of calcification of the pineal gland. The fluoridation of our food and drinking water and the heavy use of fluoride in many products we use for daily life causes people to be dull, it is easy to rule and enslave them. It is one of the biggest conspiracies against humanity. Paramahamsa Nithyananda strongly recommends against the use of fluoride in any way, and invites people into those processes which heal the third eye and decalcify the pineal gland.

When you have a certain amount of fluoride inside your system, which goes inside through your drinking water, bathing water, food, paste, all that. When the fluoride goes inside, it starts bringing certain agitated thinking. Continuously when the fluoride goes inside, you start having this agitated thinking for two months, three months, one year. After that, even if the fluoride is stopped, this mental setup gets settled inside you permanently. How many of you understand what I am saying? Mental setup which is inspired by the toxins, becomes permanent in you, even if the toxin supplies are stopped.

Now, for example. All of you listen to me suddenly and stop allowing any kind of fluoride inside you. Even then, the setup you created inside does not go away immediately, that needs to be broken. You need to remove all the corrosion, erosion. You have to remove all the rust, wear tear. Please understand, fluoride is added in your water, in your food supply, in every possible way it is sent inside your body to make you dull. Fluoridated human beings can be slaves, can be ruled, can be abused, he will loose independent intelligence. It is one of the most powerful conspiracies against human beings. Do not allow fluoride into your system in any possible way.

Please understand, fluoride is a powerful way to keep you dull. The only difference between you and my Bala Sants, why I am able to manifest so many powers, they are not fluoridated, that is all. Fortunately, I was not fluoridated, because my Gurus, from the beginning insisted: I eat not only vegetarian food, very organic. Literally almost I cook and eat. Major part of my life I cooked myself and ate, the things needed for cooking I begged that from the villagers who grew that in their ground, in their land.

I can give you an example: your third eye has chord – CHORD, and nerves. Everything just like other two eyes. And it is capable of internal vision, capable of internal vision through initiation, awakening. Through awakening it is capable of eternal vision, without even initiation it is capable of internal vision. With fluoridation, simply the power has been snatched away from you. The recent researches are thoroughly proving, third eye is an organ which has chord and nerves, just like other two eyes. And same way, between the two ears, just above the throat, there is one more intra organ. In Sanskrit, in Vedic physiology we call it Shrotra. We call that as one of the Indria, which is a very powerful listener. Even that capacity is lost, because of this fluoridation. The only difference is that, why I am able to initiate them and manifest so many powers, why it takes so many days for me to make you manifest – because of this toxic mental setup, which you gained through fluoridation.

Now, I have to remove this toxic mental setup from you, through completion, and I have to remove the ill effect of the fluoride on your physiology through pancha kriya. You are asked to do these five kriya’s – how many of you have started doing. The five session, the five kriya’s, and don’t miss this haritaki powder, that is very important to remove the ill effects of the fluoride on your system. This 21 days, don’t miss haritaki powder. All of you started taking haritaki yesterday? Please don’t miss, that will remove all the ill effects of the fluoride. …

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50 thoughts on “Fluoride, Third Eye and the Conspiracy Against Humanity

  1. I am so proud and happy to have a learned, intelligent spiritual speaker in my life. Nithyananda is so awake, so pure and aware. I will definitely go and see him personally. Myself and my wife have already begun the absolute neccessity of decalcifying the pineal gland, to awaken our etheric and begin our spiritual journeys together. There is a real evil in this world, a small percentage merging with our society to gain our misplaced trust and obedience. They put poisons in and on our food, fill our oceans with plastics, kill nature and starve the helpless in an agenda that is so dark and evil it is almost incomprehensible. A mass awakening is happening right now. Love and light to all of those are are starting or making their journeys.

  2. Thank you Swamiji for the precious revelations to restore health to suffering humans. I am very sad that even the best Ayuvedic shops in India are selling fluoride in their toothpastes. I will do my best to help free myself from the fluoride curse, and support your great work.

  3. Fluoride is a natural element of all water including natural mineral and spring waters and it always has been. The amount of naturally occurring fluoride in water varies according to the geology of the region. I don't agree with artificially boosting fluoride in water to any set level for the sake of dental health, but to harp on about this practise being done deliberately to dumb down the population, I don't see as being anything other than a scaremongering urban myth. Please show me any data that shows for example reduced school attainment due to fluoride toxicity from drinking water. What is the fluoride level in the food and the water at your ashram? Have you measured it? What about other environmental toxins such as pesticide residues, lead and mercury and polyaromatic hydrocarbons and gasses from diesel fuel? Why the big focus on fluoride? Also do you have any scientific evidence that botanicals can remove fluoride from the body? Please give a link to any supporting publication/s. Fluoride ions are highly mobile and water soluble so do you have any evidence for the claim of how long it takes to "detoxify" from excess fluoride? Thankyou.

  4. To R DManor, GMO's do not have "Round Up" in them. Round Up is a herbacide, gmo plants have a insect resistant gene dna in them. Round Up (herbaacide) is sprayed to control copetition from weeds and is assimulated by the whole eddible parts of the plant or fruit mostly because of over application and the active poison part of Round Up is called Glysophate. See research utube video on Glysophate by Dr. StefenIe Seneff its world class lecture.🤓

  5. All the esoteric claims are blown out of the water by the merest detonation of skepticism, so it's not helpful for the front lines of the debate to mention these perfectly valid spiritual concerns. If you want to attack, though, you're better to use skepticism against fluoridation, which is simple and starts with the question "qui bono" – only in North America, where propaganda for fluoride in drinking water is promoted, does it prevail. Europe doesn't allow it.

  6. Let's all make a difference in this reality. Let's take one minute everyday to smile, praise, compliment someone, pay it forward, plant something. Let's start a momentum that has a ripple effect all over this reality. . It's free. Let's individually change this reality one breath at a time. Lets leave our carbon prints with a legacy which heals all of creation. I'm starting today. Will you join me? Let's become the nurturers that heals. Let's make this a life style. Everyday we can make a different. Let's be the sparks that lights up this reality. Be a love spark.

  7. What do we do about fillings, vacines, Chem trails, sugar, all man made foods.Also wifi & smart meters dumb down. They effect our vibration which effects our frequencies. Yes food & electronics, appliances all effect our nervous system. Check Dr Sebi on which vegetables & fruits are hybrids. This year we should all work on our souls. Get back to nature. Make healthy changes. I want to open up a retreat for ppl to come to that offers soul growth.Baby steps

  8. if fluoride did damage to pineal gland (third eye chakra) it can be healed with magnesium-chloride aka nigari salt. Just put a bit of nigari into water and drink it. Large amount of nigari is laxative. … Also there is other alchemical thing called ORME white powder gold. It can help pineal gland to develop a lot.

  9. My dentist mom gave me a fluoride supplement everyday for years when I was a kid because she believed it made my teeth stronger. I'm now 19. I've been working towards personal growth for a few years now & im not sure if I'm affected by it. I think I have trouble meditating (not sure if it's because of this or not). Can anyone tell me how to reverse the effects?

  10. I have started watching your videos swamiji, and i am very interested in awakening my third eye. how do i know if water i use is flouridated or not? where do i get that detoxifying powder u mentioned?

  11. I take turmeric to reverse the effects of fluoridation on the brain and have been healthier, both in terms of my teeth and mentally since quitting. I recommend charcoal filters as a cheap alternative to reverse osmosis and gravity filtration. You can also use baking soda to save on organic toothpastes.

  12. My Pranaam for Guruji. May i know that , Kundalini awakening will have no side effects when we activate it and is it safe to open only the third eye even if our other Chakras are closed.If theres a video about this related topic then please share.I am curious to know.Please reply

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