Fatty Liver: How to Fix It (2019)

You may think of Fatty LIver as a disease that affects over-weight old people, but that’s wrong. We now have teenagers in the U.S. on the liver transplant list due to Fatty Liver Disease caused by their diet. Not caused by alcohol or over-dose or hepatitis, but by their D.I.E.T!

Fatty LIver is Entirely cause by your diet, and Entirely cured by your diet. In this video I will tell you exactly what to do to prevent fatty liver, and Cure fatty liver disease.

Fixing your fatty liver doesn’t involve taking prescriptions, pills, powders or other products, you might be surprised at how easily and affordably it can be fixed. We need to share this message because people are suffering from fatty liver and don’t even know…

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30 thoughts on “Fatty Liver: How to Fix It (2019)

  1. yes yes,,, if youre fat you got it…well I was a type 2 I did all that, but I didnt had the info from here, it was from Turkey..and I use to teach martial arts did study about human body..in 2019 in 6 weeks i did start to revers tyupe 2 dinities around..as I stop all the suger and craps oops crabs…my doctor dont belive it, he things I am owerdoesing on madicin, no, I dstop taking any drug that is got to do with dibities, and it is burtufull, let me tel you some thing about that dibities tablets drugs, what it does to your manhood…it nums you, it does not come up..soon after 6 weeks, now it all waorks perfick like a horse…true…couse of all dsises are inflamation…

  2. Dr. Berry, since your video two new studies have come out linking Monsanto's/Bayer's Glyphosate (gmo foods and foods sprayed with glyphosate at preharvest) to Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Kings College UK was the first and more recently UCSD Medical School. My two sons, ages 26 and 36 recently diagnosed with this. Would like to see you do an updated video. You really should tell folks to eat organic to avoid Glyphosate and GMO foods. I liked your video except for your Pharma pill push.

  3. Never take Actos because the drug companies website directly states causes 'extreme unexplained weight gain'. I gained over 100 lbs. on Actos. Dropped the Actos and that 100 lbs. came off then went keto & IF. I'm still losing weight. Keto and IF rules.

  4. My Mom was on the liver transplant list for 12 years. She was finally sick enough to be at the top of the list but was too sick for a transplant and passed away. She never drank a day in her life! I wish the nutritionists they sent her to had shared this knowledge. The info they gave her was not helpful. She was told things like absolutely no leafy greens, no broccoli, etc. and never told to stop grains! Heck she was told to take her medicine mixed in juice every single day. 😔

  5. Sir, do you have any info on benefits or harm that Stevia causes or might cause to the liver? The reason I ask is that I found a product recently (Iconic Protein Drink) that provides 20g of non-whey protein, caffeine shot of = 2 cups of coffee, 8 carbs (incl 3 sugar), and is sweetened by an unstated amount of Stevia Leaf Extract (Rebudioside A) and Monk Fruit. Seems to good to be true (getting 30g of protein (2/3 in morning [drinking full 11.5 oz bottle, 1/3 at lunch [by drinking 1/2 11.5 oz bottle), plus the caffeine…all with 12 carbs (about 5g sugar) and about 200 calories. Any wisdome on this confusing topic would be appreciated. Thx.

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