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To have faith is to have positive confidence or trust in something. It is to think something is true, even without proof. But then, the question stands, how can one have confidence or trust in something with no evidence to back up that faith and trust?
In this episode of Ask Teal, Teal Swan Explains that to have faith is to have confidence in or trust in, but to not know and that people all too often confuse faith for knowing. Many people believe that faith is the absence of doubt. This could not be further from the truth. We only think that faith is the absence of doubt when we confuse faith with knowing. To doubt is to have uncertainty about something. Faith cannot exist in a universe of certainty, certainty is knowing. Faith is not required when we know. And so, if doubt is uncertainty, doubt is a necessary condition of faith. If we take doubt a step further (and let doubt mean what it means emotionally to most people), to doubt is to consider something unlikely. To consider something unlikely is to act as if you know. It is to pretend you know something that you do not know. It is to bring a sense of certainty to a universe of uncertainty. For this reason, doubt in all actuality, is the flip side of faith. Doubt is only another kind of faith. It is faith in the negative instead of faith in the positive.

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30 thoughts on “Faith – Teal Swan

  1. I come across a lot of stupid spiritual teachers, then I go back to TEAL's teachings and… AMEN! I love you girl! Love, love, love – so grateful! 🙂

  2. So many misunderstandings about science in here, I don't know where to even begin. Wow. First off, science is not a "religion" or "belief". It is a PROCESS to figure out if something is true or not based on observable AND testable evidence through experimentation. Nothing is ever "PROVEN" in science, only accepted as true based on the current observable and testable evidence/model. If new experimentation brings forth new evidence, then that bit of knowledge is then updated. It is a constant ongoing process to determine what is true or not true.

  3. one of the best descriptions i have had of faith. I always had problems with delusion because I confused faith with knowing and certainty. This is such a good explanation. I always got confused . I believed in things which did not feel good and I tried so much with my mind changing the outcome because I believed that they will. I was certain and ofcourse when they didnt and the bad feeling became worse every time I tried harder and faith required that much more certainty. And then I gave up and finally accepted I was delusional. The other new age teachers should make this distinction. they keep saying believe…. but that does more harm than good.

  4. Umm no trust is the organic result of trust. The evidence that I can do things is the result of trust. I understand why you think faith is the result of trust, but your mixing terms up in a pot of stuff that sounds good but harbors no truth.

    I trust a pilot to land a plane because of the statistical record that says 99.9% of all planes land safely. If 99% of planes crashed, then I would need faith to believe the pilot will make it. If I dont have faith then I really hoping hes a good pilot. If I trust him its probably because I would have some evidence that showed me he was reliable and he is the 1% that does land every time.
    We dont have faith in what we trust. Name one thing you trust that doenst require even the slightest bit of evidence to trust it?
    "I have faith in my wive" for example; Is trust which is based on the evidence that I know shes smart and a good person.
    I would not say I trust my wive if she killed a child. There is always some evidence (reason) in why we trust something.

    I child might say I trust my dad will come home for christmas. If the father is responsible then the child has evidence to back up a reliable father that does fulfill his responsibilities. But if the father left and never returned and the child says I trust my dad will come this christmas. Well that child is using faith, as there is not trust or reason or evidence to support his trust.

    You can say faith is trust with no reason or evidence to trust. But then thats not trust. Its just faith.

    Saying faith is the organic result of trust is just like saying hope is the essence of patience. To anyone who wont take a second and a half to think about it, this sounds wise and remarkable, but it means nothing.

  5. yeah it happened to me once to believe in something so much my thought manifested in front of me once i was concious of my blind faith

  6. An area where this applies is that of the environmental activist movement. Their principal argument is negativistic one. Ban fossil fuels, ban cars, ban fracking, ban GM, ban, ban, ban. They assert that humans are harming the planet, and that in order to correct this we must go back to a pre-industrial lifestyle. Which is effectively a dogma, an enforced belief, one which shows a lack of faith in our own ability to find better solutions.

    My stance on environmentalism is that I have faith in humanity's ability to do better than that. I have no proof of this, but my instincts are that by advancing technology further, rather than regressing it, we can overcome the limitations of our present industrial society. In doing so we shall create a far better environment than could ever result from the Greens' intention to go back to Mediaeval times. Basically, I have faith. The Greens do not.

  7. Enlightening. Ideas about faith I'd considered failings on my part. What a relief from negative beliefs this video is! Thank you, Teal. I think you're awesome.

  8. We cannot, with our limited human intellect, cognitively unravel the mysteries that create certainty. It is all faith.  All else is arrogance. Great video.  I'm just can't decide if truth is subjective. or if our definition of truth is… either way, we create an illusory reality- we either miss or make the mark.   

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