Faith is the foundation of devotion – Swami Mukundananda

Without faith one cannot do devotion and attain God, even if one gets guru as great as Brahma.

Extract from “Bhakti Shatak” lecture series.

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14 thoughts on “Faith is the foundation of devotion – Swami Mukundananda

  1. Faith is the foundation in devotion. If we have no faith in god n guru 's word n if we are not interested to follow his instructions then how can guru do kalyan to his followers.

  2. Excellent teaching Swamji. We believe Doctor, Lawer, Teacher in material world. but when it comes to spiritual field, we use our intellect n don't surrender To God n Guru.

  3. Swamiji emphasised On faith without it one cannot do devotion n attain God. However, we blindly follow Doctor, Lawer, Teacher in worldly matter. we can reach our goal if we have strong faith in Guru's word.

  4. In this world we believe in Dr. to be cured, and follow his instructions as it is prescribed, similarly in the path of devotion it is even more required to have faith in guru and god. Without faith we can not reach our goal. Nice example for such an important concept Swamiji. Thank you again.

  5. We trust doctor, lawyer in this world, just like we need to trust Guru. Faith/trust even more important in spirituality because we never seen God. Without faith one cannot do devotion and attain God.

  6. How do we achieve success in a particular field? At any given time we have a goal and have faith in reaching that goal. We have faith in college curriculums, doctors , economists , scientific publications etc. Swamiji emphasizes the importance of faith in the path of devotion. Only by following Guru's instruction we could experience the benefits and progress towards the goal of God-realization.

  7. Vishwas ke bina bhakti nahi hoti. We use our intellect when we are asked to follow Guru's instruction. However, we blindly believe in worldly matters.
    When we will develop full faith on Guru and follow his instructions without using intellect, we will reach the ultimate goal. Or else we will be stuck in this material world.

    Thank you Swami ji for such an awesome explanation

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