Facilitating A Behavioral Change – Meditation – Ego Suspension – Psychological Development

The intention for this video is to be used as an aid for psychological change during deep meditation. This is a delta wave meditation which contains a combination of flowing water, brown noise, and sine waves. It is common to experience feelings of euphoria, contentment, and motivation while listening to it. If you fall asleep while listening to this, don’t worry, you probably needed it.

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The longer the audio plays, the more it develops and becomes increasingly complex. You will continue to notice new things as you listen to this soundscape.

Delta waves are the slowest of all and were originally defined as having a frequency range between 0-4 Hz. We experience these waves naturally when we are in the deepest of sleep or meditative states. These waves stimulate healing, regeneration, and healthy neuro-chemistry and as a result are vital in the maintenance of health and psychological well-being.

Delta activity stimulates the production and release of:

– dopamine
– endorphins
– serotonin
– melatonin
– DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)
– GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid)
– HGH (human growth hormone)
– PRL (prolactin)

In addition to the stimulation and production of the hormones and neurotransmitters listed above, it may help to reduce:

– cortisol
– anxiety
– depression

Other potential benefits may include:

– improved learning capabilities
– improved memory consolidation
– increased creative potential
– increased cognitive performance
– improved mental and emotional health
– improved rest and sleep
– improved concentration
– improved motivation
– improved confidence
– deeper meditation
– improved psycho-motor performance and mood
– reduced stress
– reduced anxiety
– euphoria

This could vary widely per person, but the following is a recognized, common pattern that may occur:

– You may begin to think about the many things you need to do, mostly simple common tasks

– You may then begin to think about more important tasks, deadlines, or your relationships with people

– You may then begin to think about difficulties, regrets, or hardships

– You may then begin to re-evaluate about your past and current behavior or responsibilities

– This may be challenging for some at first, but when you are ready, you will begin to experience a feeling of motivation, and euphoria

– If you have experienced this, at this point you may have begun implementing your psychological transformation into practical living strategies


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