Extremely Powerful Muscle Growth Positive Subliminal Affirmations

Growing strong muscles involves both the mind and the body. When you apply these positive affirmations to your daily life there is no limit to what you can achieve. By constantly affirming yourself and enhancing your mental state, you can experience muscle growth like never before!

There are many benefits to increasing muscle size. A strong body also means a strong mind. Become unshakeable mentally and physically by bringing out the best in yourself through these positive affirmations. Your confidence will be contagious as others begin to recognize you as an individual who is capable and determined, and they will see it in your amazingly fit physique!

Enjoy improved health and an enhanced quality of life by improving your muscle growth with these free positive affirmations. You will also increase your metabolism and reduce your risk of physical injury, improve the effectiveness of rest and relaxation, and improve every aspect of your health in general!

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The theory (we believe it is much more than just a theory!) is that when you first start saying your positive affirmations, they may not be true, but with repetition they sink into your subconscious mind, you really start to believe them, and eventually they become your reality, they become a self fulfilling prophecy and actually become true.

Over time they overwrite any limiting or negative beliefs you may have about yourself or about not being able to do something, and replace them with positive thoughts and beliefs which instill confidence, belief, positivity, ambition and much more.

As you listen to these affirmations, you will find yourself feeling more positive than before the video began.


(Not all the affirmations are listed due to limited info space)

My muscles are growing.
My muscles are well defined.
I am developing big arms.
I always work my muscles with intensity.
I use proper weight lifting technique.
My muscles receive excellent nutrition and blood flow.
Both my upper and lower body are extremely strong.
People admire my muscular physique.
I always take time to rest my muscles after a tough workout.
My muscles are strong and healthy.
I enjoy building my muscles.
Building muscles is fun.
I exercise to achieve bigger muscles.
My muscles grow bigger every day.
Getting bigger muscles is easy for me.
My muscles respond to working out.
Having muscles makes me feel confident.
I’m proud of my muscular look.
Exercising my muscles keeps me fit.
My muscles are big and strong.
I give my muscles the nourishment they need.
I love my toned and muscular body
I build huge muscles.
I develop a healthy and strong physique.
I achieve remarkable muscle growth.
My body sends lots of nutrition and blood to my muscles.
I have started noticing that my muscle mass is increasing.
I take the time to rest my muscles and help them grow.
A muscular physique gives me confidence.
I am extremely attractive and muscular.
My strength is continuing to increase.
I work hard so I can show off my muscles confidently.
My muscles are naturally big.
I am naturally strong and muscular.
Others admire my large and well defined muscles.
I enjoy pushing my muscles to the max.
Muscle growth is a top priority in my life.
I have a deep yearning to develop more muscle mass.
Developing good muscle tone is easy for me to do.
Consistency is one of my strongest virtues.
I like eating foods that help build strong muscles.
My lifestyle enhances my ability to become fit and toned.
I am excellent at building muscle in my body.
I am building more muscle every day.
I am building huge amounts of muscle for my shoulders, chest, back, legs and arms.
I am a top class bodybuilder, worldwide, with one of the best physiques and muscle-building abilities.
I have great muscle definition.
I am growing more and more muscle than the work-out before.
The muscles in my body are so huge, muscular, strong and powerful.
I have a lean, powerful, muscular body.
I have gigantic muscles all over my body, evenly, and proportionately.
I am growing more and more muscel abundantly.
I am a very healthy bodybuilder and I have phenomenally huge muscles all over my body.
My muscles are growing quicker than ever.
I am developing big biceps and triceps.
I always work intensively to increase muscle size.
All of my upper and lower body muscles are getting extremely strong.
My muscles are healthy.


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