extraordinary: the stan romanek story

Stan Romanek is the center of the world’s most documented extraterrestrial contact story, and the multitude of evidence accumulated over the past decade has convinced thousands around the world that his story is true. This documentary film takes audiences on a journey through Stan’s past, present and future with one goal in mind: help the world understand that no one knowingly chooses the challenges Stan and his family have endured. This film’s intention is not to prove the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials, but it does pose the question: What if this is all true? “extraordinary: the stan romanek story” is about one man’s evolution through a life he did not choose and the messages he is driven to deliver to mankind.


20 thoughts on “extraordinary: the stan romanek story

  1. lol…peeping alien tom. What a load of garbage. Anyone buying this crap should seek professional help. Even the phone calls are fake as shit. It should be illegal to fake this crap.

  2. This guy is a convicted sex offender, blaming both the government and then his underage son for the over 300 pictures of child pornography found on his laptop. yeesh.

  3. If me and a high school friend hadn't seen a ufo when we were younger I'd not believe in them what so ever it was huge round and had lights going all around the center but you wouldn't see the back where they stopped and there was 3 on the bottom although it was round the top and bottom stuck way out it made no sound and was close enough we could see it well and I couldn't say just how long we had watched it but eventually it moved really fast 3 different times then the last time it moved it was gone out of sight and I fully believe are government is hiding the fact they exist just like some of are technology can't be from us some of it is years ahead of its time but they will never tell society any of this because then they would be liers

  4. It's genuinly amazes me that people can be presented with concrete evidence right to there fucking faces and still find a way to scoff at it and minimize it to nothing more than a orchestrated hoax smh weather you think some of these things are fake or not at least some of the evidence is completely real proof of aliens and since that is the case why the fuck would they fake the other half and go out of their own way to delegitimize their actual evidence with a bunch of bullshit ? You skeptics are fucking goof balls.

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