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A guided tour of the Pleiadian gathering place, rose garden, healing center, and Room of Ra. Two ascended masters show up to give you their blessings and a gift.

Sananda Kryst is a multidimensional being, divinely gifted with feminine codes and enlightenment to assist you with your journey. She will help women step into their reality of oneness and become the person they seek. Her gifts include, but not limited to, channeling, light language, clearing energy blocks, and delivering downloads and activations requested by your higher self to move you forward in your soul’s journey.

“I am so thankful I crossed paths with Krystal. She gave me much needed validation, clarity, and confidence. After our reading, I was so excited to move forward. Krystal connected with my higher self, passed on codes and downloads, shared images that I have on a daily basis in my mediation, which no one else could know but me, confirmed which star seed I am, shared past life information, and revealed pieces of my life purposes. Everything clicked and made sense, and I was extremely happy with the whole experience. Like wow!” Julie USA

The Pathway series are available as a one on one session, delivered with the divine feminine energy surrounded by love and understanding just for you. There are three Pathways available to you. I work within a high-frequency container connected with channeled information to help you receive what is needed and directed by your higher self. These sessions may include but are not limited to healings, activations, access to Akashic records, and the Pleiadian portal so you can move forward in your journey.

Let’s chat and get to know one another.
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Ray of Light Language session, click on the link below to schedule your session.

With love and light,
Sananda Kryst Xx

Please visit the channels of my soul sisters Akasha Annemarie -Galactic Human
and Angesagte Kanale-Multidimensional Consciousness


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