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What is Meditation ?
Meditation is basically concentration. We get about 60,000 thoughts in a day so, managing all is impossible. Thoughts come to everyone but for concentration and consistency, meditation is
required. Meditation works on a single thought at a time and it is not like fungus that comes on a bread in three or four days. Meditation wants some time, consistency and perfect guidance.
The regular practice of meditation or concentration results in enlargement of size of our chakras and aura which is also known as an energy body. So, meditation removes the negative or dirty
energy from our body.
When we talk about Energy, it consists of five types, ie. Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Wind. Chakra works as when the energy comes in the centre of our energy body. When we meditate the size
of chakra and speed of rotation increases which enhances our organs and makes it bigger than the previous size.
Why we do Meditation?
In today’s world we are surrounded by a high amount of electromagnetic radiation which is generally generated through our smart phones, laptop, computer, speakers, microwave, washing machine, telecommunication towers.
Humans also release electromagnetic waves when they cross each other, which result in physical, mental and psychological problems. These problems work like compounding interest and can increase or decrease with the period of time. Such problems can be cured
through meditation, and if you meditate for 10mins to 30mins its more than sufficient.Excess of thinking is also a major problem for every human being and this can also be cured
through meditation.
Meditation is available in many places all over the world and can be guided through audio, video etc.
What Cosmic World gives you
During meditation you are connected with us and we clean your body through healing if it is require. If you
want to meditate alone and without any guidance then it takes a bit of more time to clean the body. Since, nobody is clean nowadays meditation has become an important aspect and if your
body is clean then only you can meditate or concentrate properly, else can have some kind of problem.
Many of us know might be aware of the benefits of meditation without knowing the drawbacks.
If you don’t do it properly it can take a bad turn. We also give you the option to ask any questions regarding to meditation from our experts so if you want to meditate contact us through our watsapp no -9984200320
We also give you healing for the purpose of cleaning the body energy and chakras. The types of meditation are sub-divided into different levels according to your need and purpose.
There are different kinds of meditation ie. Third eye meditation, penal gland meditation,
kundalani meditation which are higher levels of meditation. We have different types of meditation according to your need for which we at first analyze your body then suggest you what type is better for you. We increase and decrease the levels according to the body sustainability. Suppose we have an electric wire of
5amp capacity and we flow a current of 10amp, so what will happen, will that wire burn?. Similarly, happens with human when they try to meditate at higher levels during their start, which later creates some kind of problem.
Our aim is to give the right path along with the right direction to everyone for the better world.
Use of Stone in Meditation
If we have to move from one place to another place and the distance is long, then we choose
cycle, bike, car, train, aeroplane etc. Similarly, stones, crystals, rudraksh, yantra, etc works like this for humans which increases their frequency and vibrations. Normal meditation is like
walking on road by foot but mediation with stones, crystals, rudraksh, yantra, etc increases spiritual growth very fast. What they want you to know that every human is different from each
other, so if you want to increase your frequency then your body should be able to sustain it otherwise it can creates any type of problem, therefore cosmic world gives you each and every information
regarding these things.
Secrets Behind Meditation
The secret behind meditation is logical ie. Pure science as we have one physical body but we also have four different bodies which we can’t see in normal condition because they are made
up of energies.Everybody has its own frequency, density and colour so if we meditate different types of frequency and light are generated more than what is required.
As we have talked earlier about four other bodies which cannot be seen normally but if any type of disturbance occurs in these four bodies it directly affects our physical body in any form.
Meditation reduces all these negative effects and gives positivity to our life.
To conclude, we must say that m
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