Eric Thomas – WAKE UP EARLY & MAKE IT HAPPEN (Eric Thomas Motivation)

Eric Thomas Motivational Speech!

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40 thoughts on “Eric Thomas – WAKE UP EARLY & MAKE IT HAPPEN (Eric Thomas Motivation)

  1. I feel so much double talk with all the motivational videos. Some say grind, some say grinding doesn’t make you money . I have a good career, I grind, to much grind makes you tired and physically ill, that’s a fact.

  2. 4th quarter of 2019. This will be the quarter that started the change of my family legacy, generations behind me will be affected by how my life changed starting this quarter. Starting today. Who else? LETS GO.
    “Luck is for leprechauns and you’re not green.”

  3. Man this guy has changed my life. I am studying hard, doing nofap, working out and grinding my own business since july 2019. Going to Hold my Self accountable here and to the world. See you Next Year. Hope some of you are on the same grind. Please believe in me like i believe in you guys and thanks for et really a Great person and rolemodel👨‍💻🎓🙏

  4. Same thing I was running with my head down doing what I do growing closer to the Lord. Not really looking around wanting my simple things in life. And The Most High said look up. And I saw a dream that he created for me. Nothing like I could ever think of. But I also saw it was in striking ranging. And that was it.

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