Eric Pepin On Meditation, Enlightenment, and the Truth about Ego

I sat down with Eric to ask him some common questions we receive about Higher Balance’s view of the ego, and the attainment of higher consciousness.

It is a common theme in many modern spiritual circles that the ego is the enemy and should be eradicated by any means possible, but is this really necessary or plausible to the attainment of Enlightenment?

What if the ego was a necessary tool we needed in order to properly operate in this reality? Isn’t it more about maintaining an awareness of ego and understanding the duality between our persona and our middle pillar?

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7 thoughts on “Eric Pepin On Meditation, Enlightenment, and the Truth about Ego

  1. Eric Pepin is like a breath of fresh air amongst all the stale BS that a lot of "spiritual masters" rehash and repackage to inflate their own egos. Wisdom and experience with plain old common sense makes EJP what he is…a rare human being.

  2. I agree with what he says about ego. Some ancient Indian spiritual seers achieved enlightenment but were still not able to overcome anger and ego. Durvasa and Vishvamitra were two rishis who were feared. All of us have the ability to raise their vibration to experience enlightenment. But maintaining that throughout life is not easy. And lets face it-i doubt anybody watching this is on their way to being the next Buddha, maybe more Buddha like 🙂

  3. mediation on thoughts that are good, honest,pure and true,or the word of God is good or focusing on Love and Light will give you a sense of peace and unconditional love,and it will all so spiritualy awaken you to inner truth by going within…

  4. Dear Eric, How are you this evening? It was a pleasure to listen to you tonight! You appear to be a remarkable person with an extraordinary high IQ! I look forward to viewing many more of your video's?!! You are doing a good job! Don't let anyone tell you any different. Lol Kathleen

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