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http://psychics.co.uk Mystic Craig Hamilton-Parker (Parameswaran) explains the importance of Equanimity on the yogic path. The video looks at the human qualities required to set out on the path of meditation. These are meditation tips for the spiritual path. In order to achieve enlightenment the adept needs to attain various human states. One of these is the ability to have peace of mind in difficult situations. We need to go with the flow.


6 thoughts on “Equanimity: Meditation Guidance Videos. | The Yoga Path with Parameswaran

  1. Are you familiar with bi-neural beats? and do you consider that they may be helpful for meditation and achieving that state of equilibrium? I remember reading Robert A. Monroe's works, where he referred to the praise he received from a yogi for his Hemi-Sync technology. He claimed the yogi had remarked that, by using Monroe's methods, he had achieved in no time the state he had previously been studying years for. — By the way, thanks for your recommendation of Autobiography of a Yogi! I'm half way through it, and I can't believe I'd missed it up to now!

  2. Hi Craig, can you do a quick prediction on what you think is happening on the immigration and customs department (ICE) of the united states with those kids being separated from their parents. The secretive nature of the agency seems so suspicious.

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