ENERGY HEALING 101 (Extrasensory Luminary TEAL SWAN Demonstrates How To Do Energy Work)

In today’s Ask Teal Episode, Teal (with the help of fellow energy worker Kierstie Leavitt) shows the viewers how to perform a basic energy healing session. She explains to the viewers that we are part of a quantum field of energy.

Energy can be likened to a blue print of physical reality, so if you change that blue print, the physical reality must follow suit. So performing energy work is like changing the blue print of the physical body. Teal then covers the basics of energy healing.

(Forgive the noise and quality issues towards the end of the film, energy work is famous for screwing up electrical equipment and today was no exception).

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27 thoughts on “ENERGY HEALING 101 (Extrasensory Luminary TEAL SWAN Demonstrates How To Do Energy Work)

  1. Five years ago, energie healing came through my intuation, I use divine white light, love and visualization. I've been working on my thyroid gland for several months now to my amazement my medication have being going down to the minimum. Now I feel I am being guided to do this type of work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  2. I love the teaching, very informative. I've been trying some energy healing and wonder if these techniques can work on self healing or is there a different approach.?

  3. I wonder if men's testosterone sex and aggression is like a womans cougar years and menopause, huh, technically we should all be working physically out in the sun with children laughing and animals roaming and old people cooking , and planning. But spirituality should dress you in a cloak or half naked. I think learn about physiology, psychology, sociology. Ugh I tried again but yuck I just cant

  4. Bioenergetics is a real scientific study, it essentially is how cells communicate and how they known where to go and what to turn into in multi cellular organisms.
    We can make things like salamanders and even frogs which don't grow back their limbs normally grow new body parts by sending an electric current through them…
    I don't know if this human created energy healing stuff is real… But I do find it quite a coincidence that we are starting to uncover just how important electricity/energies are in the body in healing and in life in general..

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