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Twelve years ago jobs were still flourishing with ease, times have changed this is now 2017
With all the shifting with universal and planetary energies, using the power of our minds to over come the struggle of everyday living seems to be a struggle in it’s own right but yet does not have to be. The paradigm of lack of abundance the poverty mindset has frozen some to completely quit searching for employment all together. Why look for work when I can live off of mom and pop or borrow money from friends and the concept of living off the government and or go steal from others. Mere wishing to have the things desired will not work anymore. Life long dreams do not have to be life long anymore it is better to live and experience them now. Playing the role of the victim blaming everybody for the lack of gets to be old after a while and may be a path to have everything stripped from your life in due time. Leaving your current job nines times out of ten for something better can be a larger problem to take with you to the next one in fact studies have concluded that people soon find their new job has the same ingredients that they were wanting to get away from. The reason this happened is simple. It is due to the fact that the person in question did not change their mindset in transition to the next one. A dream job sounds good too right? How do we go about obtaining our dream job in today’s economy? The universe has no concept of a bad economy. If a person trains their mind to positive thinking and believe all things are possible thus they can go far to the advancement of their dreams. Everything begins in the realm of the unforeseen first. This would be the black board of your mind Einstein had it right, the mind is my laboratory. He could build invent create anything he so desired to. He visualized, meaning to paint only the pictures on the canvas of his mind whatever he wanted to see manifest.

It starts with the inner first before the outer manifests with results that are verified. To change the transition change the contrast first then all is smooth sailing after that only if…you take the essential ingredients and utilize them. The ingredients are #1. Believe and follow through #2. Be fair #3. Be nice to yourself and others (be kind) in thought word and deed. #4. Be of good cheer. #5. Align your Intention With Source know what it is that you truly want. You are already in the dream within a dream. When you awaken from your dream and soon realize that you have full control over every aspect of your life and you were never powerless to begin with.

InAudible Spoken Commands Are:

Employers Want To Hire Me

Every Moment My Perfect Employer Finds Me Easily Now

I Am Attracting My Dream Job To Me Every Day In Every Way

My Skills And Talents Are What Every Employer Wants

I Am In High Demand

I Am A Money Magnet

The Perfect Job Finds Me

I Maintain A Positive Mental Attitude

I Radiate Success

My Ideal Job Is Entering My LIfe Right Now

Why Is What I Want True In My Life Now

The Perfect And Most Fulfilling Job Is Being Created For Me Right Now

Doors Of Opportunity And Abundance Are Opened To Me Now

My Inner Vision Is Always Clear And Focused

During Interviews, I Am Professional Poised And Confident

I am Achieving What I Want In A Easy Gentle Way

I Am Attracting A Good Paying Job That Rewards Me Well

I Make The Transition In A Relaxed Stress Free Manner

I Attract The Right Job That Provides A Positive Change For Me

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  1. I watched 2 videos. This one and the other one "Manifest your dream job"
    It worked!!! I decided to post a review on both since I used both.
    I listened to the videos and, next day since I didn't receive an answer I contacted my interviewer, he said I would receive an offer shortly and I did!!
    This is my third week with this great job!
    I'm very thankful and I don't think it was a coincidence, since a coworker told me, they were going to hire another person, but that person decline the offer cause she was accepted another job.
    What it is for you, it is for you, no matter what! 😀 😛

  2. I listened to this several times after a job interview – I beat 6 other candidates and am now working in my dream job, doing what I love on a daily basis – writing, using social media, editing designs on Photoshop and even having time to watch Youtube videos. It doesn't even feel like work! The power of this video and the subconscious mind has no limits!

  3. I currently work 2 stressfull jobs. I came across this video today , im listening and all I can do is pray and hope I find a well fit job for me, with good pay, and good days. Im tired of coming home in tears because of the places I work. Day one starts tonight! I will update.
    Good luck to all ?

  4. Dear Dr.Virtual,
    THANK YOU for your videos, they are really of great help in my everyday life!!!
    Only the matter with the job….
    I've been looking for years for the wright job, and it costs me a lot of strength not to fall in despair.

    Can you may be give me a tip HOW I can get the result . I've been listening to this video since a month.
    Is there a quicker way?

  5. I am a career strategist expert with a text book that has been used since 1989 (The Career Fitness Program: Exercising Your Options) and I really believe in these affirmations. The subliminals are wonderful in this video.

  6. I want a job where I can dress business casual, work morning hours from 8-4 or 9-5, in nice area, making enough money to live comfortably and take care of my family (kids).. Also to go as we please.. I'll update ?

  7. SURPRISED ? i just moved 4 months ago from California looking for a new job here in Nevada and it can be very hectic and stressful all though you can be so experienced in your field sometimes that's not eve enough.I just stumbled across this video and I have heard it only like 3 times putting all my faith in it and i just can't believe I been getting all these calls from employers for interview that I still can't even believe it.I'm going to the interviews all next week I know the perfect job is waiting for me to anyone that is reading this wish you ? best of luck to all ? this week has been just perfect ❤️thank you for this video❤️

  8. I am thankful and grateful for my current job. God has been good to me but I also declare by faith The Lord also has a better job for me. This job will be wonderful in every way. I will have great pay, great benefits and work with amazing colleagues and also have wonderful bosses who see the good and value in me. It will be a job which enables me to grow yet feel happy about reporting to work every day. Amen!

  9. This is very effective. I had been on the job hunt for months with no response. Just obsessing on applying. Basically focused on the abscence of a better job. Once I found this video my way of thinking about the job changed. After listening for four days that following Monday I received two calls for interviews. This video helped create a positive mindset that along with prayer has made the difference in universal alignment to have the job come to me vs me chasing the job.
    Thanks for sharing your creation.

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